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Computers and the subject mathematics use this hex base number system for various reasons. As it has a base of sixteen, it represents numbers from zero to fifteen and the digits after nine are expressed in letters till F. Also, it is the most convenient way to indicate binary values and characters in a computer with the assistance of character to hex converter. It’s usually utilized in most of the machines today to understand the binary code or to turn it to more human readable form but to do that manually you will require a conversion table or an online text to hex converter.


A single digit in the form of hex represents four bits which are also known as a nibble. The hex codes are used for simplification, and it is essential to learn that the hex values isn’t a form a computer uses. It is just brought to service by humans to lessen the size of the file or to interpret it better. Which people usually avoid doing manually and to achieve the results you use string to hex online transformer.

There are many areas where a hex value can be used, and most of us use it. All the colors are assigned specific hex value, and these numbers can be used to refer to the colors on the webpages. The programs that are used to edit images come stored with all the values of the colors. So, whenever in styling a website, you need to fetch the right hex number these programs allow you to do that. There is a special symbol which is used to represent a hex value, and that is the Hashtag (#), the values are written after it and are taken as hexadecimal digits when describing colors.

The hex values are also used to refer to the location of errors found during the programming phase. These numbers refer to the memory location of the mistakes so a programmer can detect and fix the problem.


Text or numbers all the characters can be stored in computers in binary patterns, but when we are talking about hex, it is a better formation and can be gained by utilizing string to hex online tool. Hex turning it into a shorter version isn’t the only reason; it also reduces the amount of space the values occupy. Each word is a compilation of symbols or characters and whenever you press a key on a text editor the symbol for that key is posted. It is also known as a character code, and a full group of characters is called a character set. Which can be converted to hex using char to hex converter tool present on our site.

A person can design or create their own character set according to theory, but in order to stay in connection with computers around the world, it is vital that you use the global standards for character sets. ASCII is the most commonly used character set, and after that there is Unicode. An American Standard Code for Information Interchange has a seven bit set of codes, which is sufficient for every alphabet (lower or uppercase), numbers and other special characters found on the keyboard. Whereas Unicode uses eight and thirty-two bits per figure which is why it is not highly preferred because it occupies a lot of space.

The ASCII was initially designed for old computers and machines from telegraphic codes, and now it is based on 128 symbols ranging from 0-127, which include numbers zero to nine, all alphabets, and a number of punctuation marks. Today, these signs are widely used in telecoms, computer equipment, and similar devices.

The tool string to hex online converter is developed to provide you with a convenient way of turning your text to hex values. It’s required when you need an eight bit data to be sent or stored in a media that accepts lesser bits. The encoding is usually performed by turning eight bit data to two hex characters. These converted characters are stored as a string of two bytes and is quite easy to read; also if you have a readability problem, then hex conversion is the best solution to it.

For converting the letters to hex, follow the below given steps of characters to hex converter:

  • After opening the page of Text to Hex Converter online, you will find two small windows with the title Text to Hex. In the first box you can write the text you wish to convert to hex as shown in the image.
  • If you have a file that needs conversion then you can upload it by selecting the “Choose From” option located below the tool.
  • When you are done uploading the file all you have to do is hit the “Convert” button and the content in your file will be transformed without any delay.