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ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange; it is used to encode text to the computer. ASCII files do not have any unique characteristics; you can easily open, the data and read it without installing any special software. Even you can edit ASCII file with any editor.

An ASCII code has been assigned for each number, alphabet, punctuation, and symbol. For Example, Capital Letter A has been allocated 65, while 1 has been allocated 49 and space has been assigned 32. This ASCII encoding system lets a computer to store a text file, and even allow it to share with other machines that use ASCII encoding system.

There are many reasons to convert text to ASCII, as ASCII codes are in use since the 1960s and 70s and is developing over time. As you might need to convert text to ASCII, you will need to have a competent translator, which can help you in conversion.

At DupliChecker, we allow you to convert text into data that can be interpreted by computers. As you will convert, it will become a long string of code. For example, the word “Name” would be interpreted as a long string of 78 97 109 101. In comparison to other tools, it’s the most efficient text to ASCII converter.

Program codes and documents are stored in ASCII format. It is essential when you need to transfer ASCII files between computer while transferring ASCII file you will need not to consider any special command but on the other hand, transferring binary data, you will need to “set binary” command to execute the process efficiently to transmit characters correctly.

You can opt for manual conversion, but it will become arduous and more chance of having an error in the files. So, it is recommended to use text to ASCII converter online. It very less strenuous and will save your time. Or you might have been fed up of manual conversion then this tool will solve your problem instantly. It can also help you to send confidential data, to any specified person and any random person would not have access to decode such information. It can be very beneficial for coding experts.

Convert text to ASCII without any hassle or to pass through different steps. You will need not to install any software as it is an online tool. You will only need to put your text, and it will be converted into ASCII. Below are simple steps to use this tool:

This tool accurately converts text to binary without any mistakes as it is developed by a highly skilled team. If you want to convert manually, it will not only become a headache, but there is a chance that it would affect the outcome. So, the best way for the conversion is to use text to ASCII converter. Just in the same way you convert ASCII to text. This tool functions vice versa; you can type your name to try this tool. This tool is not limited to one word but can convert as a stretch or even a file of the text. So, try our tool, and convert the text to ASCII code. This tool will make your life easy, and you will get rid of all the conversion headache.