Hex To Decimal

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Computer’s architectural system uses numbers system to epitomize data or information. The number system that is commonly used by computer has four different combinations.

The number system is designed in such a way that it extracts information or data. Below you will find the four number systems of formalistic tectonic supports.

  • Decimal Number System
  • Hexadecimal Number System
  • Octal Number System
  • Binary Number System

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It is essential to grasp the idea about how computer stores information or data it receives to process the output while encoding and decoding. The Hexadecimal system recognizes the data and display for the user. The hexadecimal system is based upon 16 alphanumeric system. It ranges from A to F and 0 to 9, and the values are denoted accordingly. The numeral system is used by digital devices to encode the information or data. It is extensively used by arithmeticians and computer science experts to Encode or Decode the info.

The Decimal system is a numeric-based system, it expresses itself in base 10, it uses the numerical digits from 0 to 9, and the value of each number is raised to 10. It is commonly used by humans. But digital devices need to encode or decode complex data, so it devours to use the alphanumeric system. And that’s the reason the Hexadecimal system is widely used in the programming language. As mentioned before it uses 16 symbols and it is 16 base system and the alphabets from A to F & 0 to 9 numeric digits. The hexadecimal system is used to encode binary language into the computer and other digital machines. It was developed for human beings to understand the values easily.

The digital devices read the information from 0 to 1 or from low-voltage to high-voltage. The hexadecimal system is used to illustrate informational data to deliver to the computing devices so that it can decode or encode the given data. The alphanumeric system doesn’t allow humans to interpret the information. The humans can only understand the base ten system, while the computing devices work efficiently with the hexadecimal system.

  • Humans have ten fingers, and it is easy for them to interpret
  • It is divisible by 2 & 5
  • No Prime factors, apart from 2 & 5 which can be terminated because it has decimal representation
  • Easy to memorize, calculate, even without using a calculator.

Decimal system is used since ages, even ancient Egyptian civilization used this system whereas it was adopted in the current era to due easy arithmetic symbols.