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They are zipping (bundling) pages on a website server prior the page is transmitted to the visitor. It saves bandwidth and thus boosts loading speed of a web page considerably. A visitors' website browser then unzips the pages automatically. This technique of unzipping and compressing only takes a few seconds.

GZIP compression is suggested for all kinds of text files such as:

  • HTML but also all sorts of dynamic HTML
  • Text files
  • JavaScript and CSS
  • Web services, such as JSON, REST, and WSDL.

GZIP compression is not suggested for non-text files, for example, .zip files and graphical files as it barely saves space and can thus maximize loading time.

Dupli Checker’s Check GZIP Compression is an incredible tool that can allow you to check whether or not your web server is transmitting GZIP compressed headers to your clients and all significant part of web management. Through utilizing our GZIP compression online tool, you can save up to 50% regarding bandwidth consumption. Does it sound fantastic? Yes, it certainly does! But wait. Our tool is not only for the tech lovers but also for all kinds of users, apart from their technical level and for a reason. Our tool is very easy to use. Indeed, you won’t require any sign-up or database to use it.

This is a web-based tool that is user-friendly and open to use anywhere you are and there is a connection for internet. Thus if you own sub-domains or several domains, there is nothing to be anxious about to utilizing our Check GZIP Compression tool as it allows you to check all of them at the speed of light. Within a few seconds, it will be able to display results you are after for; and that all you need to do is to type in the text box or copy/paste URL you wish to check it. And afterward, click on checker button and see if your web server is transmitting GZIP compressed headers to your clients.

Our Check GZIP Compression tool will test your domain and see if your host server is GZIP enabled or not via connecting to your web domain and afterward requesting for information. And then, our tool will allow you know of other significant information, comprising of a G-Zipped version of your URL. Don’t hesitate to utilize our tool now in order to check if you have GZIP compressed headers enabled by your web server and domain

If you are fascinated about enabling Dupli Checker’s GZIP compression tool, you can enable it for your web. After you have set it up, then you should verify if the web server is transmitting the GZIP enabled header. And that is where our highly sophisticated tool comes into play; you can utilize it to check GZIP compression. Our tool comprises of an easily manageable interface that will allow you to quickly and easily implement GZIP compression test.

For utilizing our tool, you only need to enter your web URL, and our excellent tool will provide you the results whether the website server is transmitting GZIP command to users or not.

Our GZIP compression tool saves up to 50% to 80% bandwidth and will hence considerably maximize the site's loading speed. The text files are zipped on the web server after that the visitor's web browser will unzip the files automatically. This unzipping and compressing approach only takes seconds without end-user seeing.

Our GZIP compression tool should be installed on a web server, for example in Nginx, IIS, and Apache. While retrieving a website, a web browser will induce the visitor he/she can receive GZIP. Afterward, the web server will transmit GZIP-compressed files to the web browser, and then the web browser will unzip them. If a web browser does not support GZIP, the files will be transmitted back to the visitor in their original state.

At present, it is very simple to setup GZIP compression on new website servers. In Apache, it is already a default setting in the module. In IIS, you can set it in "website attributes" and then allow "compressed app files".

  • Let you to verify if the website content is being compacted or not
  • Get around 60% to 80% less bandwidth

With our compression checking tool, you can check if the web server is transmitting GZIP compressed header to your client. If you have already enabled GZIP compression on a server you are utilizing; you can save around 80% percent on your bandwidth consumption.

Check GZIP Compression is a magical tool if you don’t have sufficient space on your web server. For example, if there are some images in your content, you should compress your data as the quality of the images might be reduced. If the website server doesn’t have sufficient space for a fresh project and you can’t be able to get new space on a web server, you can utilize our tool with the aim of determining how much data you can compress. If data can be compressed, you can afterward proceed with this choice and compress data utilizing any tool in order to save space on your web server.

Serving files in GZIP format will assist in the following things:

  • Save up to 50 - 75% network bandwidth
  • Low cost of hosting
  • Higher speed for page loading
  • Improved user experience
  • Higher ranking in search engine

As the benefits are evident, make sure your web hosting server is enabled with GZIP compression, and you serve files in compressed format. Our up-to-the-minute 100% free GZIP Compression Checker allows you verify whether the website is being compacted or not! Check how much percentage and the size of saving done through utilizing our superlative tool for free.