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Introducing highly superlative Dupli Checker’s Blog Finder tool – it is the most comprehensive software solution guaranteed to find blogs you actually need for, in any particular niche, fast. Our tool helps individuals and SEO companies in creating a blog directory list you can leave comments on and build millions of backlinks instantaneously!

Our Blog Finder tool is one of the most excellent and valuable tools that we have introduced. Have not you ever imagined about how to search for blogs of interest or how to search a blog to follow that you are explicitly finding for? Though, it is no longer a problem as Dupli Checker’s blog finder plays the role of a leading blog search engine that allows you to search for most prevalent blogs under a specific category.

Our tool also helps you to improve your blog or website in search engines rankings like Bing, Yahoo, Google, and others. With the support of our tool, you get the blogs pertinent with your niche as well as get the backlink that gives the power to your website or blog. With the support of our Blog Finder Tool, you can also search out the Link Roundup, Resource Pages, Forums, Sponsor links, etc. If you need to search for comments blogs, then our tool also searches comment blogs for you. Our Blog Finder is absolutely free!

Lastly, there is old-fashioned, good blog search. Utilizing tools like blog finder might yield topic-particular posts instead of feeds centering on your selected choice. Blog search isn't a dire place to finish or start your quest to look for new reading stuff and resources.

  • Enter your keywords.
  • Select Category.
  • Select Footprint.
  • You can also choose Results, Time and TLD.
  • Now Click on Search Button & Reap the Ultimate Benefits of Our Tool.

We at Dupli Checker also providing other excellent tools free of cost, and those are sufficient to rank your any blog, website, and YouTube video. We add our up-to-the-minute Long Tail Keyword Proposition Tool. That is an amazing tool. Now you do not need to opt for others tools just give a try to our tool we hope you get remarkable results.

With the support of our magical tool, it becomes very easy for you to search blogs of your interest as it will lessen the struggle that you once had to experience. It is also imperative in (Search Engine Optimization) SEO; you can search for related blogs where you can leave comments and build a number of backlinks which will ultimately improve your blog or website.

Here are just some of the incredible things you can do with our Blog Finder tool once you put your hands on it:

  • Grab the most relevant blogs and websites for your keywords through restricting the program to the top 50, 20 or 10 results from the Google. It means you can vividly boost targeted traffic towards your web after a comment is approved.
  • Post comments on the blogs directly from our tool. Thus, it is a great time saver.
  • You attain more link juice through leaving comments on blogs with Do Follow attribute. We found through comprehensive research that none of our rivals provide the similar accuracy in determining Do Follow blogs as Dupli Checker’s Blog Find does. Our Blog Finder determines Do Follow blogs with 99% rate of precision as it evaluates links in the comment area in order to determine the type of blog, unlike other identical tools which check for all the links available on the page.
  • Our incredible tool also determines the Domain PageRank of blogs founded. You can leave comments on High PR blogs with the intention of getting more valuable links and improve your organic search engine rankings.
  • It auto-fills comment form utilizing the anticipated user profile. No need to type your website URL and email manually! All you need to do is to choose the profile from menu to pre-fill form.
  • Also, check blogs for all the approved comments. You will know within seconds whether a comment is approved or not.
  • Our Blog Finder tool also skips all the duplicate posts among search queries. You avoid leaving the comment for the similar post two or three times which indicates you don’t play the role of a blog spammer in the eyes of a blogger and has more possibilities for getting your comment approved.
  • Our tool skips for all the duplicate domains. You get only exceptional results all through a single search.
  • Our tool skips for all the posts where you need to login or register to post a comment. Thus, it is a great time saver in case you don’t want to make an account on a blog.
  • With our excellent tool create your own lists of blogs. In case you get blogs somewhere outside of the tool, you can load them into Dupli Checker’s Blog Finder, recognize their types and comment on top blogs.
  • Our tool utilizes your custom footprints for the purpose of searching. You don’t restrict yourself to only blogs! Utilizing your custom footprints, you can search for any blogs on any platform and use any backlinking opportunities you can imagine of.
  • Submit pages with your own comments to social media sites for superfluous traffic.
  • Our tool adds domains to the blacklist. You filter all junk blogs automatically and eliminate them from search results.

Dupli Checker’s Blog Finder is 100% authentic and spam-free tool. It does not leave mechanized comments on blogs, and we believe our tool should never be promoted or sold.

As some blog owner moderate comments to prevent SPAM, we recommend you avoid affiliate or personal linking in your blog commenting actions. Your comment will turn out being deleted. Leave an expressive comment after reading blogpost.

  • Our magical Blog Finder tool is an influential SEO tool for Expert Bloggers.
  • Our tool analyzes a specific blog post for all the known SEO aspects and helps you in improving Search Engine Rankings of a blog post.