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Dupli Checker’s free online Redirect Checker is a URL redirect tract, a highly sophisticated tool that enables users to keep track of the complete path of where a redirected URL drives. Redirection is basically the practice in which a single URL is forwarded to a different URL. The online redirect checker is the tool that is afterward utilized to scrutinize different URLs, reporting back on response code that is provided by each. This proficient tool is mostly utilized as a 100% free 301 redirect checker.

301 redirects are used to move the page URL permanently to another URL; in the same way, 302 redirects are utilized to do the same momentarily. When you own a large website, it is common to transform pafree ge URL over the time period. Mentioned below are a few of the causes for establishing redirects for a website URL:

  • You may modify URLs for better SEO
  • You need to change the content and therefore change the URL to adjust the keywords
  • You may be modifying the host platform which needs extension change. For instance, .html to no extension.
  • Redirect non-www and www versions of a website
  • Redirect sub-directory or sub-domain to another domain

Under all these situations, it is essential to setup 301 redirects so that popularity of outdated links is not provided up. Individuals clicking on old links will be redirected to your new URL repeatedly with the proper 301 redirect structure.

Up till now, you know what redirection all about is, let’s have a glance at some common types of HTTP redirects:

  • 300 Multiple Selections: Implying numerous options for the resource that the client may pursue, for example, different format choices for video could exist, files with different extensions or word sense disambiguation.
  • 301 Moved Permanently: When this type of redirection is utilized then all the future requests to a particular URL will be redirected to a provided URL.
  • 302 Found:The Internet works on HTTP protocol, dictating how web URLs work. It comprises off two primary versions, in 1.0 303 is indicated by the status code “Moved Temporarily” whereas in version 1.1 this was modified to “Found”.
  • 307 Moved Temporarily: In the case of redirection, the request is to be reiterated with another web URL, though, all upcoming requests should still be utilizing original URL.
  • Meta Refresh:Meta Refresh is a kind of redirection executed on the page level rather than server level. In Search Engine Optimization, this is not a suggested approach as it is slow. Generally, the five-second countdown that states “If you are not redirected within 5 seconds, click here.” is allied with this.

Dupli Checker’s Redirect Checker can be utilized to trace where a particular affiliate link goes to and which affiliate network is encompassed or to make sure if those URL shortens or links are redirecting towards a valid page. URL redirect tracker also supports users to check their own redirects in order to make certain that they are in perfect health or to observe if the redirected domain is properly redirected to your new domain. Moreover, with the support of any URL redirect tracker, you can also discover that where cookies are being put in redirection path. One of the easiest uses of our remarkable tool is to merely determine how many redirects are being utilized by particular websites. The results might amaze you!

Utilizing our redirect checker as a free online 301 redirect tracker or more is very simple. As you have not to do anything exclusive of providing domain URL in the text field and click “Submit”. Results will be displayed to you instantly with all the comprehensive details of URL in addition to Redirected URL.

Now, if you are finding for a tool with the aim of checking redirects, then our bulk redirect checker is a necessity has for you. It comprises of an easily manageable interface, 100% reliable and super-fast. Furthermore, our redirect tracker is completely free to utilize for one and all. Thus, what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

Our tool provides a precise and easiest answer to a question, frequently asked by SEO’s, webmasters and directory owners. It instantly identifies three major types of redirections, 302 redirects, 301 redirect as well as HTML redirect. It also identifies frames in the page pointed to by verified link. Our highly superlative tool only scrutinizes HTML links. It must not be utilized with JavaScript links.

  • Enter complete URL to check if a link for redirection is Search Engine Friendly.
  • Click on "Submit" button

You can use Dupli Checker’s Redirect Checker tool to check if the redirection is Search Engine friendly or not. If redirect checker finds everything OK, then it will alert you of status as "Good", and if it finds an improper redirect, it will show the status as "Bad".

Owing to configuring our redirects incorrectly, numerous of us can destruct our search engine rankings and we might end up with no search engine traffic at all! Thus, it's significant for each and every webmaster to check for redirects utilizing our state-of-the-art Redirect Checker Tool and make certain that whenever a search engine crawl your site, it can track any redirects you have establish.

A check of your www Redirect is therefore a significant SEO work step. It gets rid of confusion on the search engines and makes sure consistent usability and accessibility of your site. But how do you figure out if the Redirect is working appropriately? Our wonderful Redirect Checker does this for you. Of course, a complete check of the World Wide Web (WWW) Redirect is also suggested for the acquisition and attainment of backlinks. As a web page, whose redirect works under a perfect manner, provides you more useful links.