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Pokemon Go is a free online game for Android and iOS launched by Niantic. After its launch in early 2016, this game has been downloaded by millions of people around the world. The players need to train, capture, and battle a number of Pokemon who display on the cellular screens as if they are in the same real world spot as the player.

Because of the massive numbers of downloads and millions of individuals playing this game in real time, the game typically suffers from recurrent server outages. Even a couple of hours after the launch, the servers of this game repeatedly crashed and went momentarily down because of extreme usage.

Frequent crashes of the server have become a real headache for Pokemon Go fans. Thus a question that might appear in your mind is that how to check whether the servers of this game are working efficiently in your location or not?

Dupli Checker is here to help you. This time, our enthusiastic team of professionals has developed an exceptional tool called as "Pokemon Go Server Status Finder". What our tool does is that it pings to game servers and informs you whether the application servers are working efficiently in your area or not. It delivers comprehensive information regarding the server issues, notifying its status as Up, Unstable or Down consistent with the player location. At the present moment, Pokemon servers status tool by Dupli Checker displays the server status of around 40 countries which involve Brazil, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand and many more. If the tool displays status of a server as Unstable or Down, you can refresh the page or visit later to know updated status.

Our Pokemon Go Server Status Finding Tool is a beautiful, simple script that allows you to develop a server status website for popular Pokémon GO game. When the Pokemon Go Servers tend to work fine, Professor Oak will display a message: “The Pokemon GO servers are currently up and responding fine.”

When the servers are loaded, or they are having other issues, Dupli Checker will display a message “The Pokemon go server down!”

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Having login issues in the game? Here is how you can check the status of the server through utilizing our handy online tool.

As more and more people are getting involved to play this game, the more server side load is beginning to crash. It ultimately leads towards login problems throughout gameplay and game players are hit with “Our servers are mortified by your incredible response” error. But gratefully, we have come across an online service that will update you whether servers are down or not.

Simply head over to Dupli Checker, and within a few moments, you’ll be provided with the detailed statistics regarding Pokemon world online server status. In addition to server status, you can even see the expectancy in real-time in addition to the uptime of the servers in the past hours. Useful information if you believe yourself a geek.

Though the service will not fix your login issues, it will notify you there and then whether there is a problem with your game or Internet connection. Sometimes we blame the game itself when it comes to such kind of issues, and since this game is highly dependent on a data connection, so the service is extremely handy.

Pokemon GO game is dependent massively on a data connection in addition to GPS signal. It means you’ll be scorching through your battery device like anything. Thus we suggest investing in a USB power bank in addition to data plan; until or unless you are on T-Mobile then you are all good.

If you are playing this game for the very first time, then be certain to check out our Pokemon go status tool. We are quite definite you’ll look for something extremely valuable to boost your gaming experience. And one final thing: please be secure while playing this game. You do not want to result in injured when playing Pokemon Go. Keep an eye on the road and the individuals around you. Safety is highly important.

There are also other kinds of error messages that you might see. While logging in, you might be notified you have failed to fetch game data from the server or Failed to log in. It likely indicates that although the server isn't down, it is currently busy, so tap “Retry” and give it another go. If the problem persists, try again in ten to fifteen minutes.

In the meantime, you can be log in but still come across problems. A red colored band can display at the top of the screen with an error message like 'Internet connection not found' 'GPS signal not found', and simply 'Error'. These suggest the problem is client side, thus, your phone causes a possible issue - and so it’s worth checking your phone's connection strength and moving the location to see if it resolves the issue. For GPS signal particularly, turning on Wi-Fi to get a better sense of your location might be valuable too.

Otherwise, server problems might also have a little impact under these circumstances too, and waiting a moment generally helps in clearing these issues up. It is likely the case for unresponsive or blank PokéStops, which indicates data isn't being pulled from the server.

It's always worthwhile noticing that though connecting to Wi-Fi can give a stronger signal while playing this game; if you are walking past pubs, shops or other areas you have access to, the persistent logging in and out of different hotspots may lead towards some confusion for the app. Thus, it could be well worth to rely on phone data only if you are on the move. Go and give a try to our incredible tool!