Check Server Status

Our highly superlative tool helps you to discover whether the status of a particular website is offline or online. All you need to do is to enter the name of domain or sub-domain, in order to check the status of your website. Users are allowed to enter up to 100 URLs at a time, all in segregated lines. Our tool is accessible for free usage on Dupli Checker, for your ease.

Our tool plays a crucial part in checking various issues pertinent to your website as it checks the server status. Put up to 100 sites in the available text box, and it will display HTTP status code and status for every single website. Each server status code comprises of a distinctive meaning. Numerous server statuses with their meaning are mentioned below:

  • 1. 200: It indicates the status of your site is good and the server is returning website URL for which you have requested.
  • 2. 301: It means that the address of your site has permanently moved to a new site address and all the domains and subdomains must be redirected to a new location.
  • 3. 302: It indicates that server has found a temporary website redirection. This website URL must be utilized again as it is temporary.
  • 4. 307: Similar to 302.
  • 5. 400: It denotes bad request. It indicates that the server is not incapable of understanding website URL you are requesting.
  • 6. 401: Unauthorized access.
  • 7. 403: Forbidden it indicates that the server will not display any content until or unless you are substantiated to access that content.
  • 8. 404: Not found. It frustrates us when we get this error message as we don't get a result which we are searching for which means that the file which you are finding for is not found on a web server.
  • 9. 410: Similar to 404.
  • 10.500: Internal Server Error. This error message frustrates the webmaster, web developer along with the individual visiting website as this error is pertinent with the server and should be solved within a shorter time span.

Our tool's URL checker capability makes it an incredible tool than any others around the internet.

Our highly sophisticated server status checker tool is used to check server status of a particular website. The server status of a site will notify the webmaster whether it is offline or online. Online status indicates the website is working properly and any user can easily visit the site, while offline status indicates there is some problem with the site and some of the users can not open the website. To utilize our tool, a user needs to put details of the domain name in the provided tool field, and the tool will perform the rest of work for you. Our tool must be utilized at regular intervals as the server can be down at any point of which affect the users. Thus, via using our tool, a webmaster can keep a regular check on the status of the website and take immediate actions every time the website status comes down.

Dupli Checker is a renowned name in free online SEO tools world which offers powerful tools to the webmasters in order to improve their website performance. The primary objective of Dupli Checker is to help webmasters in a best possible way and due to this we provide SEO tools for free usage. Server status checker tool offered by Dupli Checker is able to check the perfect status of a particular website.

An individual can put website URL’s of 100 websites at a time, and the tool will check the server status of 100 websites within only a few seconds. Our tool allows the user to check server status of a website. If an individual tries to check the status of a site owned by another user, then our tool will not display the status as the user is not authorized to check the server status. Furthermore, our tool can be utilized for free by the webmasters.

It’s highly significant to check server status of a site time to time as it authorizes the webmaster that the website is working properly and the users do not need to face any intricacy when loading a website. A website is created for the user convenience, and if it is not working properly, then the motive behind designing a website is failed as the user will need to face many complexities in loading a website and getting information from a website.

Another preeminent advantage of our tool is to maintain visitor’s traffic on a site. Offline status of a site indicates the user can’t access the site and consequently the visitor will switch towards another site, thus minimizing the viewer’s traffic. Thus, utilize this tool to check server status of a website and every time you find the status offline, take essential steps to change it to online. It will be advantageous for both the webmaster as well as the visitors as they can easily access the site without any hassle which will maintain the visitor’s traffic on the website.

How fast the server reacts to a page load time? This, in turn, is a criterion for ranking! A check of server response time and status can hence provide fascinating information for candidates for an acquisition of backlinks. Also with SEO Maintenance, it can be valuable to have a look not only at their domains, but also to check response times of domains, which require backlinks, from time to time. The performance of a particular site is not only significant for practical reasons. It is an important aspect of a positive user experience. So, try our amazing tool and get all that you desire for!