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You might be worried that why is your competitor’s website ranking better on Google and other search engines than yours. The better ranking is what brings, the better business. Do you want to find out that what is that they are doing and you are not? Hence, you may consider analyzing your competitor’s website. One of the tools that can serve this purpose is Page Comparison Tool offered by DupliChecker.

The reason for you being interested in carrying out a website comparison analysis is obvious. It could be the content that helps them rank better and gain more traffic. Today there are quite a few page comparison tools, available on the internet. Some of these tools are totally free to use while others may require you to sign up or register.

Remember that web content is one of the driving factors for making some of the websites rank better as compared to the others. They might have better and quality content that is written well, contains valuable information and is presented well, and which is also not too short or too long and confusing.

There are many available tools that you can use for website comparison analysis. Every tool for page or website comparison analysis compares two different URLs. You can use website content comparison tool to compare two websites essay or to compare two documents for similarities.

It is entirely up to you that which website comparison analysis tool you want to use. However, one of the best tools is DupliChecker’s page comparison tool. For using this tool, you need to separately enter two different URLs in the given text fields and click on the “Compare” button. Once you have entered the URLs and run the website comparison analysis, the test will be completed in a matter of seconds and results will be displayed immediately.

Web page comparison analysis results will include:

  • Page Title
  • Page Description
  • Keywords
  • Content Similarity Percentage

Webmasters and SEO experts are quite familiar with the importance of page title. The page title is taken into account by the search engine crawlers. It is the title of the page that distinguishes one page from the other. We know that every book has a unique name; similarly, every page has a unique page title. However, the page title must be relevant to the page. For instance, if the page is about checking car engine oil then the page title must be something like “How to check car engine oil”, then it will be considered relevant.

Meta description tags are the snippets of a page that are relevant to its content. You can generate these tags with the help of code, or you can manually insert them to ensure the relevance. If Meta description tags are not relevant, then Google can take the snippets from the content.

Keywords play a key role in describing the content of a particular web page. Search Engines like Google maintain an extensive database of keywords. The keywords are generated on the basis of the written content and database by page source code. Search engine compares the keywords with the content and lists the keywords that are considered relevant. Keywords are also used in the ranking criteria.

Content similarity percentage is also very important. It tells about the percentage of the similar content between two different pages. A high percentage of similar content is not considered good.

After a successful website comparison analysis, you now are in a better position to see the definite similarities or differences between two different pages. The results will throw light on the strengths of your competitor’s page including the keywords, description, page title, and page content. The comparison will be enough to let you know why their page is ranking better.

The most practical approach towards using the page comparison results is to look for patterns comprehensively. A page title could be pointing toward the brand which you can optimize. Carefully examine the strengths and weaknesses of the page of your competitor, and note them down. How a website is presented to the audience and its content greatly influence and attracts the traffic. Make it your priority!

Now you can start focusing on your web page. Make all the required changes such as remove the irrelevant or plagiarized content and upload the updated version to your page.

This is the question that any webmaster would be interested in. The answer is no, of course. Website comparison analysis is one of the many tools that help you in enhanced page ranking. Many other factors must be considered and analyzed to improve the Google ranking. Website presentation, content, backlinks, and traffic all are the factors that you must take into account while evaluating a website comparison analysis.

Use Page Comparison Tool now and reflect upon your weaknesses and strengths.