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After you generate your Facebook page or profile, you are repeatedly assigned an exceptional Facebook ID via the system. Nowadays though every individual is utilizing their own tradition username, and now the Facebook ID doesn’t display in URL of your profile anymore. Whereas there are several tutorials out there which are developed to illustrate you how to find Facebook ID of a page or profile, they are often quite complex.

When you search a URL or website address on a Facebook Page, you’ll notice something like this;

Though if they are utilizing a customized Facebook ID then their username displays in place of 15 digit Facebook ID, and you attain something like this;

As you can see, it’s difficult to get the Facebook ID with a personalized ID.

Dupli Checker has now introduced a fascinated tool we call Facebook ID Finder or Get your Facebook ID Tool. It will provide you the simplest approach to looking for the ID of any profile or page on Facebook. All you have to do is copy/paste the URL of the page or profile, and the tool will take hold of Facebook ID for you. Dupli Checker’s Facebook ID Finder is 100% free, allows you to look for Facebook IDs in bulk, and needs absolutely no download or subscription.

Just copy the URL of any Facebook page or profile, and click Enter. Our tool will rapidly fetch Facebook ID and display it. The magical attributes of Facebook ID Finder Tool are:

  • It's completely free.
  • Our tool allows you to get Facebook username or ID in bulk.
  • It needs no premium subscriptions or downloading.

Ask any FB user if he/she know the FB ID. The mainstream of people will laugh and tell you their name. Some people are familiar with the fact that if you search Get Facebook ID on any other SEO tools websites; a numeric number is shown. Yes, Facebook assigns all its users with an exceptional digital number.

When Facebook was originated, anyone who was signing up was assigned an exclusive numeric ID number. It initiated with #0 which redirected each and every user to their page. Mark Zuckerberg, the owner, and founder of Facebook tried and tested numbers 1-3, which no longer exist. Zuckerberg FB ID number is 4.

At first, Facebook assigned numbers in chunks. Harvard was assigned 0-99,999 numbers. Similarly, other colleges, universities, and schools were assigned chunks of numbers. Once Facebook initiated to develop beyond student community, only FB knows how numbers are allocated. Facebook should following some specific rules in assigning exceptional numeric ID numbers, but no one sees what they are. We are definitely aware of the fact that there is no end to the number series; it's only that the length of the number expands. It's also stated that the date of birth of a Facebook member exists in numeric ID.

Facebook should have planned a strategy of assigning unique numeric IDs. For instance, if a user in Ireland makes a facebook id new account, and at the same time a user in America signs up, they won't be assigned consecutive numbers. Possibly Facebook has assigned chunks of numbers for each region in the world and assigned numbers country wise. Or they could have move one step further and do the allocation based upon areas. However, no one apart from the Facebook squad has the answer to this question.

Existing users of Facebook don’t become aware of the fact that they have an exclusive Facebook ID which is in numeric form. They sign in into Facebook with their Facebook id and password and username and start exploring it. Facebook users exist in billions as FB has emerged as the most renowned social media around the world.

It was the thinking of Mark Zuckerberg that has stopped FB from becoming a great mess. Think if unique numbers were not allocated to everyone who makes an account it would have become difficult to manage.

Your search for a family member or friend with whom you have lost contact for several years, you know his/her name. When you enter his/her name what happens? A list will appear for people with the similar names.

Until or unless you don’t have any additional information about the individual you are struggling to find, it becomes difficult to trace the person. If you have some patience and need to see if this person exists on Facebook, you need to click on each and every name, and if you are fortunate, the person may have posted his/her profile picture. If they have not posted that, it becomes a vain exercise. It's like looking for an individual with no postal address.

When you open Dupli Checker and click on free tools, scroll down the page, and you will see our “Get Your Facebook ID” tool. Follow all the necessary guidelines, and it will display your FB ID.

Don’t be amazed if the Facebook ID number looks like this 10000938997824 or in millions. If an error is reverted, reenter your profile name under a correct manner.

If you don’t feel familiar with the profile name allocated to you as when you signed up for your account you entered your surname, first name, password, email address, gender and date of birth. Open your profile page and on the top bar subsequent to your profile picture will be your username and find friends. Click on your profile picture or name, and you will be on your profile page. Your username as displayed by Facebook will be shown in navigation bar just like:

When you use Dupli Checker’s Find Facebook ID tool, you will only need to enter this id. For instance, you will enter:

It will return your Facebook ID in numerical form.

The all you need to do is to simply paste your Facebook page /profile link on the box then enter Captcha in order to determine you are a human then click on “Check” button to get your Facebook ID.