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All business and services that take the route of online marketing have an objective to improve their conversion rate. Today, there are many different ways through which you can attract the target traffic. Some prefer to know that their sites have heavy traffic, others go for a good position in the SERPs. Either way, everyone wants just one thing to achieve financial success.

To some website owners, the only way to make themselves known is by scoring high with Google and achieving their success; there are others who think that a good ranking in the Alexa ranking system might help them just as well.

Alexa site ranking is a ranking system built by which is a subsidiary of; it focuses on commercial web traffic data. It is an indicator which tells websites about how many users have visited their page. Bloggers and webmasters use it to keep a check on the value of their websites on the Alexa to find out how well they are doing in the online world as well as the rankings of the competitor websites.

Alexa website ranking checker works on a simple algorithm which calculates Alexa traffic ranking, based on recording the traffic amount from users. The traffic is based parameters like reach and page views. The reach is the number of users that visit a specific website in a day. Page view, as the name suggests, is the number of times the users view a certain page. However, Alexa makes it clear that if a particular user visits the same page several times on the same day, then it will count all those visits as one.

The first step in Alexa site ranking process is to calculate the page reach and number of page views for all the websites on the Web on a regular basis. To obtain Alexa ranking a geometric mean of reach and page views is performed, averaged over a predefined period.

It is natural for users to question the credibility of Alexa site ranking, Alexa rank checker and Alexa rank comparison. In this regard, we’ll first discuss the advantages and then the disadvantages of Alexa site ranking.

  • You can use Alexa rank checker as well as Alexa rank comparison as a competitive intelligence tool. However, you should take into consideration the fact that its sample audience size is minimal. It helps measure the results of your web marketing efforts as compared to your competitors.
  • In contrast to PageRank of Google, the lower is your rank, the better it is.
  • With the help of it, advertisers and webmasters can see the real marketing potential of their website. The better Alexa rank leads to higher bid for buying the advertising space on your website.
  • Personal blogs and pages are considered and ranked just the same as the regular sites. They can even get a (*) distinct mark.Given that Alexa site ranking can offer you information about your website, Alexa rank is a very efficient regarding SEO.

  • Not everyone has the Alexa toolbar installed. So there is a probability that despite having a lot of traffic, millions of websites won’t be ranked by Alexa.
  • Many people believe that it isn’t accurate and Alexa traffic can be influenced significantly or “gamed”.
  • Subdomains or subpages within a domain are not ranked separately. The overall traffic is calculated only for the top-level domains.

If you want to enhance your Alexa web traffic rankings then here are a few simple rules that you must consider:

  • It’s a good idea to download and install the Alexa toolbar.
  • Alexa is very smart in tracking the visits on your website but how about we helping Alexa in tracking hits on our website. Place the Alexa widget on your page. It will attract the visitors, and you know that each click matters.
  • Writing valuable and quality content is also very important. Writing content undoubtedly helps blog but writing unique content helps in building a healthy relationship with your readers and it contributes to improved traffic. Promote it on social networking sites and webmasters forums. The objective is to get as many people as possible to your website. When you write unique and quality content, you can get a place in Google's first page. Most traffic comes from search engine’s first page; it can help drive a lot of traffic to your website.
  • Writing content is important but writing content on a regular basis is even more important. It contributes to enhancing your blog ranking quickly. On the other hand, not updating your blog regularly results in not getting a decent amount of traffic.
  • Everyone is now connected through social media. Try to share your content on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook, and also on other social media platforms. You will get links to your pages and that will improve your rank.

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