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Have you ever spent hours and hours on the internet to find the right tool that can instantly split your PDF into separate one-pagers? And once you reach one, the tool needs a lengthy sign-up or is not free to use. That must be a bummer!

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DupliChecker's tools are precisely designed using the updated algorithms and the latest technology available, which enables it to provide all the features to divide PDF for its users, you will find such features in the premium applications, but we are offering them for 100% free.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow to use this tool:

  • Visit https://www.duplichecker.com/split-pdf.php and you’ll land on the split PDF page.
  • The next step would be to upload the file, you can either upload from Dropbox or direct from your computer desktop.
  • Then click on “Split PDF,” and your uploaded file will be automatically split and download in your computer in the WinRAR format.
  • Bingo! There you go, it will get split instantly, without any complication and each of the page from your PDF file will be displayed separately.

DupliChecker's Split PDF tool offers a quick and easy way to separate your PDF files or extract particular pages to produce a new PDF document. It enables you to add and extract pages from PDF files multiple times one after another means you don’t have to wait for the usual waiting timers in-between converting each file. This means you can easily split your next PDF file instantly. The tool will allow the user to use the application across multiple devices on all platforms; therefore, you can split PDF file on all operating systems using the different web browsers. It works simultaneously on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Our PDF splitter promptly reveals

The file once it has split the pages you want to divide. You can see pages individually in a WinRAR file once you download the final PDF split file. Usually, to split a PDF, you need to undergo the hassle of spending cash on a premium paid software. However, we offer it for free. All the rigid splitting, extraction of pages, and forming individual files happen in the blink of an eye. So, it falls easy on your computer resources.

PDF page cutter is a secure PDF splitting tool to be used online. We have a Privacy Policy that we deliberately follow as it explains exactly how significant your privacy is to us. There is no data kept on our servers as no files are left on any of our server that have been uploaded. You also have the option to extract pages from Microsoft Word files, Note text files format and OpenOffice files.

Split cutter or divider comes extremely handy in professional situations. When skimming and scanning articles, books, or images, you want to do it fast and all together. For authors who have written a book, split PDF will enable them to separate each page individually. It will make the file presentable to the publishers, and the reduced size will make it easy to send them online, perhaps via an email.

For Your Personal Use And Professional Pursuits

Split PDF tool also helps the users to eliminate the hassle of waiting on printing unwanted pages from each PDF file. A user may need a specific page to print and use but printing the whole document will not only be a waste of time but also of the resources. Therefore, you may need separate pages from a PDF document. Simply, print, share and send the pages from a PDF file that you want to by splitting your document!

Professional business documents and written data often consumes a lot of pages to write on digitally. For instance, when presenting the long-term strategic business objectives to the top management, when handing over the product archetypes in the market to potential buyers or when showcasing the features of an existing product or service in the market.

Split PDF will split the pages from your detailed documentation to send and present to your potential and existing clients clearly and individually. Therefore, to eliminate the hassle of sending a large-sized file via email and other sources that your client may not have access to, cut PDF online tool will prove to be extremely convenient.

PDF which is abbreviated from Portable Document Format is an open standard document viewer that is sustained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The file format is immensely popular and is widely used to present and exchange documents reliably through different operating systems and computer devices. The format is extensively used as one of its key features is the ability to contain links and buttons precisely for audio, video, and business logistics files.

Sometimes, people want to split PDF document, not because of the reason that they are unsatisfied with the structure of their file. But, simply because there are some extra pages in the file that they want to be removed. PDF breaker or divider will make it a lot easier by giving you a particular option of producing pages independently without messing the whole thing up.

People desire to split the PDF file to get the pages that they require or some specific text from the files.

To rationalize your existing workflow, it’s essential to split PDF pages. It can get quite challenging and time-consuming to manage and send large-sized texted PDF files that may sometimes include file links like audios, videos or any of the external links. We have established this tool to enhance the efficiency that you require to transfer information from PDF files. By getting organized in a way to manage your files to look more professional at your workspace. You may find many free tools online, but most of them don’t do the job properly, hence not producing desired results.