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Rotate PDF tool by Duplichecker allows you to rotate your PDF pages into any direction according to your requirement permanently in just a few seconds.

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  • Visit to reach on our rotate PDF tool page.
  • Click on the "Upload" button to upload your file directly from your device or Dropbox.
  • Select your required orientation from the given box. For instance, if your PDF is upside down, select "180 degrees", If it's sideways, you should choose either 90 degrees or 270 degrees according to your requirement. You can change the orientation of your file again as many times as you desire without any hesitation.
  • Once you select your required orientation, click on the "Rotate PDF" button.
  • You can download your file with a single click on your device as soon as the processing is over.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a multi-platform format that captures images, texts, and all other components of a document. This format is widely used in universities, research centers for sharing documents. One of the most significant advantages of using this file format for sharing is that it doesn't affect the formatting or quality of the content and displays the same style and formatting on all devices or operating systems.

However, it is complicated to edit a PDF file. If your PDF displays a wrong orientation like upside down, right to the left, or left to right, then it is a challenging task to change the direction of your PDF file. You may need a Spin PDF tool that can assist you in rotating your file in your desired orientation and make that file easily readable. Our free PDF rotate tool is the best option you can have to change the direction of your PDF within no time.

You might have come across many online PDF tools, but most of them would be paid or restrict you to download some software on your device to change the orientation of your file. But, our free tool provides you with a high-quality rotation of your PDF file without any such hurdle. Some of the main features of our rotate PDF free tool is as follows:

You might have faced the situation where you turned a PDF file with an online tool, but it only gets changed in the preview screen. Once you closed the window and opened it again, the PDF file might get turned back into its actual orientation. Well, you don't need to get worried anymore about this issue, as our free tool provides a permanent rotation of your file without affecting the quality of your content. It is very dull and tiresome to rotate your PDF file every time you open the file to read or share.

The best approach to handle this situation is the use of our fantastic free PDF Rotate tool. Our efficient tool assists you to change the orientation of your file permanently only with a few clicks.

Our free PDF Rotate tool is the best online tool that provides you with a fast and quick rotation of your PDF files. Once you've uploaded your file on our tool, this efficient PDF tool will start processing your file and gives you your required results within a few seconds.

Adobe Reader is considered as one of the most popular software to read a PDF file, but you cannot rotate your PDF file in Acrobat Reader. You may need some paid software to perform this task.

Fortunately, you can use our free amazing PDF Rotate tool to change the orientation of your PDF without any hassle. You don't have to follow any hard and fast rule to use our free tool; you can rotate your PDF file in any way by simply uploading it and a single click on the "Rotate PDF" button. Our free tool provides you with your required results within a blink of an eye.

Moreover, our tool allows you to download your rotated files by a single click on the button. Then, you can save or view your file on your device without any hassle.

People are very concerned about the security of their documents while uploading them on the internet. But, you don't have to get worried about the security of your documents as we are providing you the most secure and safe PDF Rotate tool. The privacy of our users' documents is our utmost priority, and we strive hard to fulfill this duty. We don't save or share the files you will upload on our free PDF Rotate tool.

Moreover, we will never allow any third party to access your confidential and personal files. The PDF files you will upload on our tool will be deleted automatically as soon as the processing is over. So, you can use our efficient and secure tool to rotate your PDF files without any hesitation.

Our PDF rotate tool offers you the best user-friendly interface that enables you to turn the orientation of your PDF without any hurdle. This free tool is completely web-based, which means you can rotate your PDF from your classrooms, home, offices, or anywhere else with our fantastic tool.

You may often face a situation where you have a scanned copy of a PDF with the wrong orientation, and you want to change the direction of that PDF file quickly. Luckily, you can use our amazing revolve PDF to change the direction of your scanned PDF file within no time.

There are many sites available online that offer various tools to save rotated PDF and save online. Most of them are usually paid, or restrict you to use their tools for a limited time. But, DupliChecker provides you with an amazing tool that allows you to save rotated PDF files as many as you desire without paying a single penny.

Additionally, you will not be asked to make an account on our website, or download some software on your device to use our services. You can use our free PDF Rotate tool whenever you want, wherever you want. If you are thinking that there will be some trial period of using this tool, and later you will ask to buy our premium account, then you are completely wrong. Our tool is entirely free to use.

Our rotate PDF tool supports all the platforms, such as Android, IOS, windows, etc. You can also use this tool from any device. Furthermore, our tool doesn't restrict you from using any specific web browser; you can use this tool from any web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Bing, etc.

We at DupliChecker strive to offer you the fantastic and efficient tools that can help you in performing your daily tasks. Our main priority is to provide all the features completely free in our tools that you usually obtain after buying premium accounts of various tools.

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