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Convert JPG to PDF

How to convert JPG to PDF.

Merge JPG to PDF in just 30 seconds from now.

  • 1) Upload JPG images in this online tool by clicking the “Upload File” button.
  • 2) Adjust the size, margin, and position.
  • 3) Press the "Convert" button and wait until the images are converted into a single PDF document.
  • 4) That’s all, your converted PDF file is ready to download.

Importance of PNG to PDF converter:

Remember the times when everything was more paperwork. A company or an organization record was available in a bundle of manually maintained files. And, if in a situation you had to find a particular data of a particular time, it was a tough job! Wasn’t it? However, times have changed! Technology has taken over our lives, and it has been a blessing in disguise. The drastic changes in technology and our use of it has made our lives easier than ever.

Keeping and maintaining file records is an easier job now. Different file formats are available, which we can use as per our needs. With the use of new and robust technology, you can easily convert and combine PNG to PDF or image to PDF and vice versa. You can also convert Tiff to PDF using this free online tool.

It is not always an easy task to transfer or use JPG files because of the heavy file sizes. The image file format also plays an important role; few formats are better recommended than others, which brings us to our use of JPG to PDF converter online, which you can use to convert multiple image files into PDF files, and share or use more conveniently.

How image to PDF converter helps you.

Free JPG to PDF Converter

Duplichecker provides an online converter that helps you to convert your images into a pdf file easily. This free tool can convert different images formats into PDF without charging a penny. Moreover, you can turn your JPG into PDF without any watermark on the converted file. This photo to PDF converter will remain free, no matter how many times you are using it.

Keep your images secure

The JPG files or any image you will upload in our free tool will be deleted automatically from our servers as soon as the conversion is completed. Our free tool assures a full guarantee of the security of your uploaded pictures. We pay great attention to keeping the privacy of our users completely safe. So, there is no need to get worried about the safety of your images while using our free JPG to PDF converter.

Convert Image to PDF on any device

The Pictures to PDF converter on this website is accessible from any corner of the world. You can convert as many images to PDF as you want without facing any restriction. Yes! This tool is available 24/7 with limitless queries. There is no need to get a special device for doing this conversion. This tool is compatible with all the devices; hence, you can convert images to PDF from any smartphone or desktop.

Quick and Quality PNG to PDF Conversion

You can also use this tool as a PNG to PDF converter. This is the quickest method for the conversion of any PNG image format to PDF format. As you will upload a photo and click the submit button, it will display the PDF file in a matter of seconds. Moreover, you shouldn’t worry about the quality of the image, as this advanced tool doesn’t disturb the appearance during conversion. Your PNG file will remain intact in the PDF format.

Online image converter

Our online converter is completely web-based, which means you don’t have to download any further extensions to use our free image converter. Moreover, you don’t need to install any special software on your device to use our tool. The only thing required for using this hassle-free picture to PDF converter is a good internet connection. Simply upload an image from your device or Dropbox on this tool and get a PDF file in a few seconds.

Merge or combine JPG Images into PDF:

This free converter by Duplichecker can merge and combine JPG to PDF with no signup required. People from different fields of life, such as students, teachers, and researchers, can take help from this free tool to convert their picture to PDF files very easily. PDF formats are a secure and protected way to share your files because we make it secure with the help of a password. That’s why people use this document format for sharing their confidential documents over the internet. The images converted by our free JPG to PDF converter remains intact as it does not change or disturb the quality of the uploaded images during conversion. Furthermore, you can use our free tool without making any account or registering yourself on our website. There are some tools such as Smallpdf that provide image conversion only to the premium members, but you can convert your high-quality images into a PDF without disturbing the format or quality by our free online converter.