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Make PPTX slideshows easy to view by converting them to PDF.

Convert PowerPoint to PDF

The Power of PDF

PDF documents have become very important in our work lives. These days, they are even almost indispensable. A PDF has so many uses by different people and for a variety of different reasons. With PDFs, you can share a consistent file with a lot of people all at once. Unlike other editable text files like Word documents and PowerPoint, with PDFs, whatever you include in the document stays included. One of the reasons why PDFs are so popular is because they are challenging to change but not anymore because a tool can convert PPT to PDF.

Another reason why PDFs are such a favorite among all people of the information age (that’s us) is that they can be universally accessed. You can open a PDF file from almost anywhere in cyberspace, or on your phone. Most browsers have built-in PDF readers that allow you to view PDFs online, without downloading them – which is a very helpful, very lightweight way to operate. If you decide to download the PDF, however, there are a variety of programs that you can use to open them.

Other file formats like PowerPoint require very specific applications. Without them, you cannot access the files. Even with a more universal file format like Word, there are still some restrictions. But not with PPTX.

Convert Powerpoint to PDF

Going from PPTX to PDF without Breaking a Sweat

It only makes sense to want to keep as many of your files in PDF as possible. You may want to do this so that you can protect them from editing, or so that you can share them with relative ease. You may also want to make opening them easier for yourself, and others. Ideally, you want to create your files in whatever format is best and most comfortable for you. Take for example; you need to make a presentation. Here, the best way to go is PowerPoint. It helps you make short and simple slides that can pass your message across with ease and convenience. However, what about when you finish with the presentation, and you need to share the slides with your audience? Or put it on the internet for others to view?

Here, you stand a risk of people copying and duplicating your work, which would be a shame, considering all the work you must have put into making the slides. What if there is a way as online PPT to pdf converter without breaking a sweat?


How to Change Formats

Doing this is not as stressful as it may appear to be. For starters, it doesn’t involve you copying and pasting anything. Neither does it involve taking screenshots of the pictures on the PPTX. You don’t even have to download any special software or tool to be able to convert your precious PowerPoint to PDF. All you need is our PPTX to PDF tool. It is incredibly easy to use and requires no special knowledge or skill.

Convert PPT to PDF

Why You Should Use Online Tool

The beautiful thing about this tool is that it is very easy to use. The ease involved in using this tool is thanks to the advancements in internet technology. Without much effort on your part, the tool helps you convert all of the elements on your PowerPoint to PDF.

Also, with this tool, no illustration, or point is missing – it creates a replica of your file. What this means is that if i’s were un-dotted and your t’s uncrossed, they stay that way in your file. How’s that for security? As an extra layer of security, when you download your converted PDF file, you get a zip file containing your document. This ensures that nothing “gets lost in translation”.

Finally, unlike other conversion tools, this tool does not leave a watermark on your file. This means that you can share your file without having to answer questions about a watermark.

Steps on How to use one of our PDF Converter

  • Visit https://www.duplichecker.com/ppt-to-pdf.php to open the PowerPoint to PDF tool.
  • Click on “Upload” to upload your PowerPoint file to the converter.
  • If you’re using a phone, navigate your device storage to find your PowerPoint document. If you’re having trouble finding it with this view, be sure to place the file in a special location that you'll remember and try again. If you're using a computer, click on upload, and navigate to where your file is located, select it, and click open.
  • Wait for the tool to upload it.
  • After the upload, click on the “Convert to PDF” option below the file. This process only takes a few seconds.
  • On the next page, you can see your PDF along with two options: “Download File,” and “Try Again.” To download the file, select download file or you try again with another PowerPoint file.
  • Your browser will download a zip file. You can now unzip the file and find your download there.

Problems You Might Experience

And How to Solve Them

  • The page takes too long to load:

    This could be due to your internet connection. A slow or absent connection can cause the page not to load properly.

  • The upload is taking forever:

    This usually happens when you try to upload a file that is not a PowerPoint. Whereas PowerPoint to PDF converter is programmed only to accept PowerPoint uploads. This is because the tool can only process PPT formats. To fix this, check your file and try again. [Word to PDF is also a big solution to many problems]

  • You downloaded your file, but you can’t find it:

    If you can’t find your file, it could be because you’re not looking in the right place. Check downloads page on your browser for the file. Because of the converter's security protocols, your PDF will come zipped in a folder. It could also be that you are looking for a zip file instead of a PDF. Check downloads for the most recent zip file.

  • The downloaded file is different from the PowerPoint you wanted to convert:

    mentioned earlier, the tool does not interfere with the documents. It changes the file to PDF exactly as it was. If the file is different, it may be because you accidentally uploaded a different file than you meant to. You can solve this by double-checking your file before upload. You can also name it a unique name for easy recognition.