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What is the Sales Tax?

Sales tax is an amount of money that will add up in the original cost of an item or service when purchased by a person. It is essential to understand that sales tax can be varied into different states or countries, as per their governments' policy. For instance, the sales tax percentage is 4% in New York, but 7% in Tennessee. Now, you may have the idea that it is crucial to calculate the sales tax if you want to maintain the record of your monitorial affairs effectively. Our online sales tax calculator helps you find the sales tax on your purchasing amount within a flash of an eye.

Types of Sales Tax

The following information may help you in understanding different types of sales tax.

Excise Tax

This tax is usually charged on products that are not necessary for staying alive. For instance, cigarettes and alcohol generally have an excise tax tangled to them. This tax is basically paid by the manufacturer of these products or the wholesalers. The excise tax usually causes a significant increment in the price of the product.

Retail Tax

You may have heard about retail tax while purchasing something. This is the most common type of tax, and governments and states use this tax to generate revenue and ranges from a minimum value of 8%-10% percent of the product's amount. Whenever you are going for shopping, you will most probably pay retail tax on each purchase.

Vendor Privilege Tax

This type of tax is usually applied to the owners of some businesses imposed by the state. You can consider it as a license tax to run a business in that state. This type of sales tax is different from the retail tax, as it is paid by the retailer instead of the customers. However, some business owners increase the price of various products or services to compensate this tax, instead of paying themselves.

Why do we need to use a sales tax calculator?

The traditional method of calculating sales tax was hectic and tiresome, as you were supposed to make all the calculations by yourself. You might have to use calculators or some other helping gadgets to find the exact amount of tax. But, the continuous changes in the government’s policies make it more challenging for you to get the correct amount of sales tax.

Now, with the advancement in technology, you can use a sales tax calculator that can assist you in finding the exact sales tax amount within a few seconds. You don't have to sit at a single place or waste your time and efforts on making calculations, as a few clicks on your device will enable you to calculate tax with a sales tax calculator.

How to calculate sales tax using our sales tax calculator?

The process of calculating sales tax isn't a difficult task anymore, as you can use our sales tax calculator to find the tax within a few seconds. Don’t many peoples ask about how to find sales tax? but there is no need to worry about it because our online sales tax calculator will enable you to estimate the sales tax without going through any hassle. When you enter the following inputs in our calculator, you will get the calculated tax amount within no time.

Amount: Enter your amount on which you want to measure the tax.

GST Exclusive and GST Inclusive: If you want to include GST in your calculation, then check the option "GST Inclusive"; otherwise, go for the option "GST Exclusive."

Sales Tax Percentage: Select the sales tax rate percentage according to the law of your state or country.

City, Country, Zip Code: Choose your city, zip code, and country from the given options.

Instant Results: Once you are done with entering the discussed information on the sales tax calculator, you will get your hands on accurate results.

Results you get after calculating sales tax

This online sales tax calculator gives you the following results after completing the calculation process:

Net Amount (Exclusive Tax)

You will get the net amount once the processing of the sale tax calculator will be completed. However, it is essential to know that this amount will be excluded from tax.

Tax Rate

This sale tax calculator will give you the tax amount that will be applied to your total amount.

Gross Amount (Including Tax)

This online tool will also offer you the gross amount that will include the tax.

Sales tax rates for different states

As discussed earlier, the sales tax rate differs from state to state, or country to country, according to the rules/ instructions of the governments. You cannot apply a general formula or tax ratio on all the calculations. That's why the use of a sales tax rate calculator will enable you to get rid of all these worries within no time. You can easily calculate the exact amount of sales tax on your total amount by using this tool. You may have an idea that sales tax varies from state to state in the USA, Canada, etc. Or, various countries have different sales tax rates as compared to others. So, it is crucial to know the percentage of sales tax applied to your product as per your country's government policies. The following table will assist you in understanding the sales tax ratio of various countries.