BMI Calculator

The BMI calculator calculates the BMI and your corresponding weight status under your height and weight. The simplest way to calculate body mass index is to enter precise data on this tool's relevant tabs.


How to Calculate BMI for Adults and Children?

You don’t need to tackle any hassles or follow a complex manual procedure to calculate body mass index. Follow the simple steps given below to figure out where the BMI stands.

Step # 1: Select a tab for Adult or Child to get the required fields.

Step # 2: Select the gender and enter your height and weight in the given boxes.

Step # 3: Click the Calculate BMI button to initiate the process of your entered details and obtain your BMI results.

An Overview of Body Mass Index

BMI is a metric used to estimate an individual’s body fat corresponding to height and weight. It isn’t a direct measure of body fat, as the BMI formula approximates a person’s body fatness. In easy words, it is used to determine whether a person’s weight is in a healthy or unhealthy state. Different ranges of BMI decide whether you’re underweight, average weight, overweight, or obese. The high body mass index reflects too much fat on the body, whereas the low BMI indicates too little fat. Both the high and low BMIs aren’t suitable for the individuals, as they are on the verge of facing certain health conditions. For example, people with the high value could face heart diseases, diabetes, etc. On the contrary, people with the low value could suffer from bone loss, anemia, and other health problems. Therefore, it’s essential to perform the BMI calculation in between 1-3 months and take good care of your weight as per the height of your- body to bring the body to a normal state.

Interpretation of BMI for Adults

The BMI works differently for adults and has distinct weight ranges from children and teens. The categories used to represent BMI for adults start from severe thinness and go up till obese class III. The normal BMI range for adults is 18.5 to 25. If the range is below or above the normal range, you’ll be falling in an underweight or overweight category, respectively.

Interpretation of BMI for Children and Teens

The categorization BMI for children and teens in the age range of 2-20 differ from the adults. The body mass index for children and teens shows results in the percentile range. If the percentage of your child falls between 5% to 85%, they have healthy. The kids with BMI below 5% are underweight, while the results going beyond 95% are considered overweight.

BMI Table for Childs & Teens

Category Percentile Range
Underweight <5%
Healthy Weight 5% - 85%
At-Risk of Overweight 85% - 95%
Overweight <95%

How does BMI Calculator Proves to be Beneficial?

The body mass index calculator by DupliChecker evaluates the current health as per the height and weight of an individual. The BMI calculation proves to be beneficial in several ways for its users, as it offers accurate results and lets you know whether you’re healthy, underweight, overweight, or obese. There are specific effects of being overweight or underweight. You should work on bringing your BMI to a healthy state and use the BMI calculator regularly to save yourself from the side effects discussed below:

Effects of Being Overweight

  • High blood pressure.
  • Type II diabetes.
  • Coronary heart disease.
  • Certain cancers, including breast, gallbladder, kidney, and colon.
  • Increased threat of mortality.
  • Higher levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and lower good cholesterol (HDL).

Effects of Being Underweight

  • Malnutrition and vitamin diseases.
  • A decline in immune function.
  • Complications as the result of surgery.
  • Increased danger of mortality.
  • Disruption in the menstrual cycle for women.
  • Higher chances of miscarriage for women.
  • Bone weakness diseases.

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Body Mass Index

The body shape, weight, and height of people differ, and these differences shouldn’t bother an individual. However, staying healthy is still essential for everyone. BMI is a significant indicator of finding the fat percentage in your body. Before taking any steps to maintain your BMI, you should use a BMI calculator to determine the accurate measurement.

If you are overweight and haven’t been involved in any kind of physical activity lately, you need to exercise for at least 60 to 90 minutes every day. However, you need to make sure that you don’t cross the limit and face dehydration while working out.

Another tip for maintaining a healthy body mass index is to take a balanced diet. By controlling eating habits and consuming a nutritious diet, you can bring down your weight and maintain a healthy BMI.

As discussed above, your body will be prone to risks and side effects of being overweight. Hence, you should use a BMI calculator regularly and work on bringing it to a healthy state by taking a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

What Are the Factors that Limit BMI?

Although the body mass index calculator is a widely used index for assessing healthy body weight, it still has certain limitations as it cannot take body composition into account. It’s not recommended to use a BMI chart as the sole method for determining an individual because it doesn’t take the distribution of muscle, fat, and bone mass into account for calculating healthy body weight. As the body type of every individual is not the same, relying on the height and weight for calculating body mass percentage won’t be an accurate evaluation for everyone.

Since the BMI chart doesn’t take the fat level into account and only focuses on an individual’s weight, it’s not an accurate measure for figuring out the healthy body weight of an adult. The athletes have good muscles and less fat, but their results will confuse them with BMI as they might fall in the overweight range. However, in actuality, they are fit and healthy as per their body composition and don’t need to worry about bringing BMI in the healthy range.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a BMI Calculator?

BMI calculator is designed to make body mass index calculation simple and easy for everyone. This online facility asks the users to enter their weight and height for BMI calculation within a matter of seconds.

How to Calculate BMI?

The BMI calculator calculates BMI according to your entered details and allows you to find accurate results without investing time and effort.

What is a Healthy BMI?

The range of a healthy body lies between 18.5 to 24.9. The BMI exceeding this limit reflects overweight and obesity. On the other hand, the BMI below this range is considered underweight.

How Accurate is the BMI Calculator?

The BMI calculator available on DupliChecker is a trusted tool that provides accurate results. However, it’s essential to enter each detail correctly in the given boxes. Otherwise, the accuracy of your BMI will be affected, and you may perceive yourself falling under the wrong category.

How Much Should I Walk According to My BMI?

As weight plays an integral role in calculating body mass index, you must walk accordingly and work on bringing your BMI to the healthy range. For instance, if you fall in the category of overweight or obesity, you need to work on losing weight, and ideally, you should walk 5 miles a day for its reduction.

How Often Should I Check My Body Mass Index?

While following a training program to lose or gain weight, it’s recommended to check your body mass index every 1-3 months. BMI is a test based on your age, height, and weight, and it must be assessed at regular intervals to evaluate your body performance and make comparisons with previous assessments.