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A square metre or meter in American spelling is a derived unit of area in the SI (International System of Units). With its symbol being m2, it’s defined as the square area whose sides are one metre. Also, the area is known as the space between a two-dimensional (length and breadth without any depth) boundary. When we talk about geographical areas, the units can be used to measure graphical regions like cities, countries, lakes, etc.

The area of a square is easy to calculate, but the calculations can get quite confusing when it comes to large numbers. For example, for a square we get its sides squared, for a rectangle, we get the multiplication of all its sides, and almost all the geometrical shapes are measured using these formulas. To learn about the population density, the calculations are made to determine the number of people per unit area.

An area is primarily measured in square units, and all the rectangular and square shapes can be measured in the square meter unit. In an acre, there are thousand square meters and ten thousand meters in one hectare. Also, you can use it to calculate the area of a circle and doesn’t have to use formula A=πr2 for manual conversion. Below are few of the most commonly used units for land measurement which can be calculated with our square foot calculator tool.

  • A Square metre is the area of a square which has the side’s one metre long.
  • An “Are” is a unit widely used in European countries when it comes to land measurement. It is equal to a hundred square meters, and in other regions, it goes by different names. It is normally used to measure properties that are not too large, and for our land area converter tool, it’s a piece of cake.
  • The Hectare is a unit which is used for measuring large areas. One hectare is equal to ten thousand square meters and is used in the territories of Europe. The name varies in different countries, but the amount of area is the same. Our Square feet calculator and converter can be used to turn and learn about the sizes in different units.
  • An Acre is also used for measuring the land as in the area of a square. One acre is 4046.86 square meters. The history states that once it was described as the amount of land that can be plowed by a pair of oxen.
  • Barn, this unit of area, is utilized to calculate a small amount of area. One barn is equal to 10-28 square meters and is used to check cross sections of atoms in physics. The uranium nucleus has the size nearly equal to the area of a barn and the name of unit originated from a reference of a joke “as big as a barn” by physicists.

When an area is converted to square feet, you can easily find out about the materials you need to cover it up. The square foot calculator for flooring can help you out in finding the exact amount of content you need for your project.

Land Measurement Calculator

The square meter calculator has a lot of benefits; it can be used in solving mathematical problems, can be used in area measurement or can be used in making the calculation of required material. The land measurement converter is an online area calculator which just requires a constant connection to the internet with no sign-ups. The sqft calculator can give you accurate results without letting you perform anything manually. You just need to follow the below-provided steps to use our online area converter for free:

  • On the page of Area Converter, you will find two large boxes, one under the “From” field the other under the “To” field. The “From” field contains all the area units that you can use to convert to the ones located in the “To” field.
  • You will be entering the value in the box below “From” title and selecting the unit of area that you want to convert in the window below the field. After this, you can select the unit you need conversion to in the window below the “To” title.
  • The results will appear immediately without letting you wait; it basically works like a calculator and doesn’t load the page or asks you to wait.