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The area is defined as the measure of the space or distance between two-dimensional objects on a surface. In the past, many mathematicians have given their theories to correlate between the areas of different objects. For instance, in the 5th century, an ancient Greek mathematician, Hippocrates of Chios, was the first person to elaborate that the area of a disk is proportional to its diameter’s square.

Calculation of Area:

The calculation of the area is quite straightforward. To calculate a shape’s area, you need to multiply its two length dimensions. No matter what unit of the area you’re using, the resultant area would always be in squares, like meter square, centimeter square, kilometer square, etc.

Common Units of Area:
  • Are (a)
  • Acre (ac)
  • Meters squared (m2)
  • Kilometers squared (km2)
  • Feet squared (ft2)
  • Miles squared (mi2)
  • Hectare (ha)

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To use our online land area converter, the users need to follow the simple steps given below.

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Step 3: Enter the value in the given field.

The results of your conversion will be displayed in the adjacent box in a blink of an eye

Area Conversion Table:
Hectares to Acres 1 Hectare 2.47105 Acres
Acres to Square Feet 1 Acre 43560 Square Feet
Square Meters to Square Feet 1 Square Meter 10.7639 Square Feet
Square Feet to Acres 1 Square Feet 2.29568e-5 Acres
Acres to Hectares 1 Acre 0.404686 Hectare
Square Feet to Square Meters 1 Square Feet 0.092903 Square Meter
Acres to Square Miles 1 Acre 0.0015625 Square Mile
Square Yards to Square Feet 1 Square Yard 9 Square Feet
Square Feet to Square Yards 1 Square Feet 0.111111 Square Yard
Square Miles to Acres 1 Square Mile 640 Acres
Most Often Used Area Measurement Conversion

1. Hectares to Acres

2. Acres to Square Feet

3. Square Meters to Square Feet

4. Square Feet to Acres etc