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If you find the degrees in Celsius, but you want to know it into the Fahrenheit, look no further. The temperature converter lets you automatically convert between Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, and Rankine. To convert the temperature measurement units, simply add the degrees on the left-hand side box; select the conversion degree on the right to get the converted value in a different unit instantly.

Finding the Temperature Right Now

Want to check when to take out the cake from the oven or see whether you need to layer up before going out? Temperature measurement tools play an important part in our daily life. Although scientists use multiple devices to carry out the functions for temperature calculator, the common conversion tool used is a thermometer. The basic objective of a thermometer is to measure the cold and hot. There are thermometers to check the temperature while cooking, the temperature of the body and even the air temperature measurers.

  • The Classic – Fahrenheit

    The classic English system of measuring temperature is Fahrenheit which indicates that water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and boils at 212 degrees. It was created by Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit in 1724. The formula is (Fahrenheit-32)*5/9=Celsius which we have made it refined in our temp conversion tool.

  • The Most Common – Celsius

    The modern and most common unit to measure temperature is Celsius. This temperature unit is based on the temperature of water. It identifies 0 Degree Celsius as a freezing point and 100 Degree Celsius as the boiling point. In contrast to Fahrenheit, from freezing to boiling the Celsius scale has 100 degrees whereas Fahrenheit has 180 degrees between freezing and boiling.

    Tip: For quick Celsius conversion, use our tool.

  • The Important – Kelvin

    One of the temperature measuring units used mostly in science is Kelvin. It is based on a single point, absolute zero, which has been given a value of 0 degrees. Lord Kelvin has a lot of his contributions in the field of temperature measuring field and this is where this unit gets its name from. As the other two aforementioned scales are based on water, this unit is based on the content of the energy. Water freezes at the value 273.15 and boils at 373.15 Kelvin.

  • The Most Technical – Rankine

    While not much widely used except across the American engineering fields, the Rankine scale also provides an absolute Zero Degree based outcome. It is named after the renowned Scottish scientist William John Rankine. Temperatures can be converted from Fahrenheit to Rankine by adding 459.67 to the actual result value of the Kelvin figure.

All these mentioned above have difficult values stuck to them which our Temperature Converter Tool has made extremely easy for its users.

Using digital unit converters, you can convert Celsius to Fahrenheit (or Fahrenheit to Celsius), and vice versa in no time. These temperature calculator tools are incredibly easy to use over the formula version to calculate manually.

Learn how to convert among temperature units by following these simple steps:

  • Learn how to convert among temperature units by following these simple steps:
  • Once you are on the page of free temp conversion tool, choose the Temperature Converter on the left-hand side. Once loaded, choose the temperature you have the value of in the left box and add the value. For instance, select Celsius (°C) and add the value 5.
  • Then choose the required temperature conversion unit that you want your result to be displayed in, and the accurate result will appear on the right-hand side of the selected box. For instance, if we select the required unit as Fahrenheit (°F), to convert the 5 °C, it will display the precise result of 41.000000000008995.