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Force applied to unit per area is known as Pressure. The SI unit for the pressure is Pascal (Pa) which is equal to one Newton per square meter. If there is more added force applied to a smaller area, it will receive more significant pressure. With less force applied to any object with a bigger area, the pressure produced will be lower as a result. For instance, if you cut through a lime with a sharp knife, it will easily cut through because of the higher pressure applied to a smaller object. However, you have to press the knife harder if the object is bigger in size. There are numerous devices and unit of pressure that help in measuring atmospheric pressure, the pressure of the gas in gas cylinders, and also determining the gauge pressure.. When measuring the gauge pressure, the gases in the objects like car tires, we estimate it as the difference between the absolute pressure and the atmospheric pressure present in the air.

On the other hand, atmospheric pressure affects the temperature and weather. Any changes and differences in air pressure can cause discomfort among living beings. This is why airplanes have artificially controlled air pressure when in higher altitude. The more we go above the sea level, the more pressure congestions we feel. Mountaineers and people traveling to higher altitudes also may feel nausea, headache, and difficulty in breathing and usually happens at the altitude above 2,400 meters. For making through in such conditions, experts recommend restricting the use of alcohol and sleeping pills. It is highly spoken by them to stay well hydrated which will ease the red blood cells to carry oxygen. Army training, air force physical pressure fitness test and training for astronauts are very much dependent on the pressure tests. A high G-test is carried out by the astronauts and aviators who are supposed to experience the high-pressure tests and higher levels of acceleration. They make use of the high compensating pressure suits to restrict the high pressure affecting them. Higher degree full pressure suits are available for the astronauts that assist them in breathing and countering the pressure.

The pressure conversion used to measure fluid pressure is Hydrostatic Pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure caused by the gravity that causes fluctuation in the fluid present in a device. It is widely used in the fields of medicine and physics. The blood pressure is measured in Hydrostatic Pressure which indicates the pressure of blood on the blood vessel walls. The result is presented in the two figure values identifying the maximum and minimum pressure, i.e., systolic and diastolic values respectively. The instrument to measure the blood pressure is called sphygmomanometer; however, it is widely called blood pressure calculator. The unit it is measured in is Millimeter mercury (mmHg) which can be easily found in Dupli Checker Pressure Converter.

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This online unit lets the user convert accurate conversion between the units of pressure and stress, from one unit to another. This proprietary Pressure and Stress Unit Conversion tool provide a solution for engineers, physicians, medical professionals and for anyone who requires working with quantities that are supposed to be measured in different units. Users can convert from 1atm to pa, Pascal to atm, and also the water pressure calculator.

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