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Need to know how heavy an object is? Weight and mass measurement calculators have different standard measuring units to weigh an object and convert the result into other units. Weight is usually defined as the unit to measure how heavy an object is. Whereas the mass of an object is the amount of material, it contains. The weighted result of an object on the earth and any other planet differs as gravity plays its role in it.

It is the gravity that pulls an object, and the measure of how much is it pulling is known as weight. The less the gravity, the lighter the object feels and the more the gravity the heavier the object. However, the mass remains the same.

For cooking, baking and making beverages, the quantity of the ingredients is an absolute necessity. If flour in the cake recipe is written half a KG to use and you use 400 grams of it, it would turn out to be not anything near a fluffy cake. Dupli Checker’s Weight Converter has the exact measurement conversion units that you need in cooking from milligrams, grams to kilograms and pounds.

For weighing your body mass, the users can easily convert their body masses whether in pounds or kilograms. Many of the Body Measurement Index tools ask for the body weight in Pounds and Kilograms so you can keep track of your weight over the time to drop, increase or maintain your weight.

When taking medicines and supplements, it is essential to know the dosage of a specific ingredient in the tablets, syrups or any other form. Usually, the dosage is measured in milligrams. Over or under dosage of an ingredient may not show the expected results.

Grocery shopping and their weights sometimes get tricky. Some of the products tend to be unpacked and you have to weigh it before taking it to the counter. What if the measuring unit is broken? Therefore, there are times when your estimation skills come in handy. Estimating the weight of products with the familiar objects are not as accurate but it gives a general idea of how much it weighs and proves quite helpful when needed.

Ounces and Grams are generally used for the lighter objects. Some of the common objects that we have chosen are

  • Paperclip = 0.05 oz. or 1.4 g
  • A sheet of paper = 0.2 oz. or 5.7 g
  • Light bulb = 1.2 oz. or 34 g
  • Deck of cards = 3.3 oz. 93.5
  • Can of soup = 12 oz. 340 g
  • Football = 14-15 oz. or 425 g

Metric weight conversion is crucial at the airports. The luggage weight units are the primary set marks for the luggage allowance a passenger has. Therefore, any overweight items of baggage are charged extra. To eliminate this hassle, use the kg to pounds conversion unit. The users also have the excess to some of the fundamental weight conversion calculator units such as LBS TO KG, GRAMS TO CARATS, POUND MASS TO TONS and even the ATOMIC MASS UNIT.

To use these, simply follow the steps below:

  • Once the page of Weight Converter has loaded, write your desired value that you want to change in the “From” field and select the unit below it.
  • After writing and selecting the value and the unit, select a unit from the menu next to it. For example, you can convert kg to pounds. This menu has a number of units that you can choose to convert the entered value into. The result will be shown in the “To” field as shown in the image.