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The volumes derived unit in the International System of Units is a cubic meter (cm3) and is briefed as a cube whose sides are of one meter. Volume is the amount of space taken or occupied by a material, which can be in a container. The volume of a material is usually calculated by measuring the area covered by the content especially if it is a fluid. For cube we make the length of its sides cubed, and for prism, we multiply the area of the base and its height.

As capacity is the maximum amount that something can contain, it is easy to find about the numbers in your desired unit of volume. The most commonly used units are cubic meters, liters, gallon, teaspoon, tablespoon, and cup. A liter equals to an amount of a cube that has ten centimeters long edges which also makes it thousand cubic centimeters.

Whereas the values of gallons differ in every region but when it comes to the imperial gallon it has a capacity of 4.55 liters and the US liquid gallon is around 3.79 liters, this unit is primarily used to measure fuel. The teaspoon which is also abbreviated as tsp when it comes to cooking can have different values. In the US a teaspoon is exactly five milliliters, and in the UK it is around 5.9 milliliters. A tablespoon can hold approximately 15 milliliters, and the values vary in different parts of the world. The cup has a capacity to hold 200 or 250 milliliters, and A Japanese cup holds 200 whereas in other parts of the world the cups can contain up to 240 milliliters which are the average amount.

Usually, to get an approximate result, we divide the value of the volume by 3.785, but its value is also different in various regions. Our tool contains all the conversion formats so that if you want to look for an amount in the UK or US gallon, then our cubic meter calculator is the right tool for you. This isn’t it; you can turn all the volume and capacity unit to each other which will let you get the values you need.

The gills and drams are used to measure the alcoholic drinks where a gill is half of a cup, and the dram is equally one teaspoon, according to the history until the value for a teaspoon was changed. One dram is equal to one 1/3 of the teaspoon today in the US. Materials like fluids are evaluated by checking the fluid displacement produced by it. That’s not it, as you know the length is two dimensional, but volume is three dimensional. Various derivatives are used in case of cm3 one of which is cubic centimeters.

Call it the gallon calculator or online volume calculator; it is here to provide you with exact calculations. It can be used in cooking where liquids and mass of ingredients are usually measured by volume. Now, you know the value of a cup and can easily use that for adding the correct amount of liquid in your food. The liquid measurement conversion can quickly be taken care of by just following some simple steps given below:

  • After opening the cubic inch calculator tool, you will find a small text box with the title “From.” In the field under it, you will be entering the value you want to transform to other units of volume. After entering the value, please select the unit from the below window from which you want to convert.
  • The second step is pretty easy, after covering the first one, now you just have to select the unit in which you desire to convert.