Hectares to Acres


A hectare is a measurement unit of area, and this metric unit is not part of the International System of Units (SI). Primarily, the Hectare unit is used to measure land, and 100 hectares sum up to make 1 square kilometer.

Current Use

Hectare is widely used around the world for the measurement of land.


During the Dark Ages, an acre was defined as the area plowed within one day by a pair of oxen. Currently, an acre is defined as the area of one chain into one furlong, which is equivalent to 66 feet and 660 feet, respectively.

Current Use

Acre is continually being used as a statute measure in many countries. In the countries where acre is not a statute measure, it still complies with laws to be used as a medium for trade. It is a common area measurement unit in several current and former British Commonwealth countries.

A single hectare contains around 2.47 acres. One acre is equivalent to 0.405 hectares approximately.

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You can perform hectares to acres conversion by following the straightforward steps given below.

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The manual method to convert hectare to acres involves the usage of the following formula:

Acres = (Hectare Amount) x 2.471

For instance, if you want to convert 20 hectares into acres, then you can enter the value in the formula as:

Acres = 20 x 2.471

Acres = 49.42

Hectare to Acre Conversion Table

Here is the hectares to acres table for ha to ca instant conversions.

0.01 Hectare 0.0247105381 Acres
0.1 Hectare 0.2471053815 Acres
1 Hectare 2.4710538147 Acres
2 Hectares 4.9421076293 Acres
3 Hectares 7.413161444 Acres
5 Hectares 12.3552690734 Acres
10 Hectares 24.7105381467 Acres
20 Hectares 49.4210762934 Acres
50 Hectares 123.5526 Acres
100 Hectares 247.105381 Acres
1000 Hectares 2471.05381 Acres