Reduce Image Size in KB

Up to 10 images, max 5MB each.

How to Reduce Image Size in kb Online?

Follow the instructions below to reduce image size in kb using our image kb reducer.

  1. Upload Image

    First, click the upload button to select the image.

  2. Choose Quality & Compression

    Choose the quality and compression ratio you desire.

  3. Click Compress Image

    Click the Compress Image button to initiate the process.

  4. Download Reduced Size Image

    You’ll get your hands on a reduced-size image in a few seconds. You can save the image on your device by clicking the download button.

Features of Online Photo KB Reducer

The online photo kb reducer offered by Duplichecker comes with top-notch features for its users, which include the following.

Free to Use

There are no charges associated with the usage of this image kb reducer. You can use this tool and decrease image size in kb without paying a single penny.

Super Friendly Interface

You won’t face any sort of trouble while using this online picture kb reducer. Its super-friendly interface allows you to reduce image size in kb online without following complicated procedures or seeking anyone’s assistance.

Unlimited Compressions

You don’t face the compressions limit while using the online tool. You can use this tool and reduce photo size in kb as many times as you want without facing hurdles.

Various Picture Formats

The photo kb reducer supports multiple image formats that allow you to reduce image size in kb of any file you want. Whether you have a JPG, JPEG, or PNG picture, you can easily reduce its size with this web-based utility.

Fast and Secure

The super-fast algorithms of this picture size reducer provide you with reduced-size images in a matter of seconds. All your uploaded pictures remain protected with this online picture kb reducer. We don’t store or share your uploaded pictures with third-party sources.

All Devices Compatible

You don’t need a specific device to use this photo kb reducer. Whether you have an Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, or Windows device, you can easily access this online tool from anywhere and reduce image size in kb without any difficulty.


How to Reduce Photo Size in kb?

The following steps will help you to reduce size of image in kb right away:

  • Upload the picture you wish to reduce the size of.
  • Click the Compress Image button.
  • Hit the download button to save the reduced-size image on your device.

How to Reduce Image Size in kb on Mac?

You can decrease photo size in kb on Mac by accessing this picture size reducer through the default browser. After accessing the tool, simply upload the picture you wish to compress and hit the given button to change photo size in kb.

How to Reduce Picture Size in kb on Mobile?

The photo kb reducer available on Duplichecker works similarly on mobile devices. You need to open the browser on your mobile and access this tool. By uploading the pictures from the gallery and tapping the given button, you can easily reduce image size in kb swiftly.

How to Reduce kb of Photo?

There are multiple ways to reduce the kb of a photo, such as:

  • Use an online image compressor.
  • Remove the metadata of images.
  • Change the resolution of photos.

How to Decrease Photo Size in kb without Changing Pixels?

The image kb reducer by DupliChecker provides the fastest way to decrease image size in kb without affecting its pixels. This tool smartly brings down the image size with no changes in pixels.

How to Reduce Image Size in kb without Losing Quality?

Reducing image size in kb without losing quality is now an easy task with the help of an online photo size reducer. This tool makes sure to keep the quality of your uploaded picture intact and reduce the size of image in kb instantaneously.