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Passwords can be and are hacked by both humans and computers.

The probability of a computer hacking your accounts is higher. Say for instance there is a desktop computer; it has the ability to guess and checking over a hundred million passwords every second. The solution is to use a strong random password generator and make a password that is lengthy, complex and hence becomes hard to crack.

Passwords are a string of characters that are used to protect your data and authenticate that the user is allowed to use the respective resource. They secure and protect not only your personal information on your computers but also online and even on your phones. You can use a random string generator for creating a strong password, which is essential to safeguard your information from getting hacked as around 85% hackings are a result of a weak password that is not strong enough and easy to guess. A password generator helps you create good and hard passwords, without sending them to the internet, that are hard to crack by both humans and computers.

Your information and accounts are at high risk of being hacked if you are using the same password for all of them. Agreed that it is easier to keep one password for all accounts, but if a hacker manages to break the password of one of your accounts, then that will give him access to all your other accounts as well. Make sure to use a secure random password generator to avoid using the same passwords for all resources and weakening the security of your account.

  1. Avoid using easily identifiable passwords

    Weak passwords are passwords that are easily identifiable. They usually contain words/information that mean something to the user and can be guessed easily, say for instance:

    • Their pet’s name
    • Their birthday
    • Their maiden name
    • Favorite song and movie name

    The list of such passwords goes on, and if this F; or something like this is being used, then the user is asking out loud to be hacked. So, make sure to use a password list generator that will create hard passwords for you.

  2. Using more characters for Best Password

    Make sure to use more than 12 characters at least to ensure high password strength. A lot of people use over 12 characters and include both upper-case and lower-case letters and symbols and numbers making the password strength very high. You can use a random password generator to create a strong password that is 14 to 20 characters in length.

  3. Using an Online password generator

    A password generator is basically an online password tool that generates good passwords for you as per your requirements. It uses upper-case letters, lower-case letters, symbols, and numbers and has a long length. A random password generator has generated the following passwords:





Do the above passwords seem to have a trend? Except that they are all six letters, there is nothing common amongst them as they are completely random. It’s not necessary that the results from a password generator are always “random”; it depends on what type of characters the user wants, but you can be certain that when using the best password generator, it will surely generate hard passwords for you, and you can check password strength. But the problem is that as humans we tend to come up with the usual weak strength passwords especially when we have multiple accounts

This is where the online password generator at Duplichecker comes in. This random string generator generates the best password, which is long and random, for an account, making it hard for even the strongest of computers to hack it.

Some essential facts about our random password generator at have been mentioned below:

  • Is the random password generator safe to use?

    The strong random password generator at DupliChecker is the best password generator that you will find online. It generates a strong password that is not shared anywhere else. This secure password generator makes sure to create the best password and copy it to a secure location that is not accessible by anyone else.

  • Is this password checker only available on desktops?

    Our pw generator can be used not only on your computer but also on your phone. The respective easy password generator tool runs on your Windows and Mac and is also compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets making it possible for our password application to create a phone password such as a Samsung password and an iPhone password. It is also compatible with Windows 7,8,10, Windows XP and Vista.

  • Will Hard password secures my privacy?

    It is a secure password generator that guarantees not to send the passwords generated through it across the web. You can also use a WIFI password generator to secure your wireless internet from being misused by hackers.

  • Do I need to pay for this amazing pw generator?

    Not everyone can afford to pay for a password maker. So, at DupliChecker we offer our users with a free password generator that is absolutely free of cost, has no hidden costs even and does not require for you to make an account or sign up.

You can use it anywhere and anytime that you want. It does not require a pro to use it. It has a few simple steps explained below:

  1. Follow the link, and it will give you the following page:

    Password Generator Image
  2. On this page you will be presented with the following options.

    Choose the characters that you want in your password. Choose the desired length which can be anywhere from 1-30. You can make a number password or use any character options that you desire.

  3. Click “Get Password” and you will get your password as follows as per to whatever characters you chose.

A strong password generator that has unusually long passwords contains upper-case and lower-case letters, symbols and numbers create a random password that is very complex and hence hard to guess.

There are several random password generators available online. Most of them require a fee and the ones that don’t have hidden fees and are mostly complex to use. None of them is a match to the secure password generator available for you.

It has been termed as the best password generator online by all its users.