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Encrypt any given password or text with Dupli Checker’s 100% free online password encryption tool. Creating a password-protected website involves doing each and everything possible to make certain your users' information is 100% secure and safe. Even solid passwords are, to changeable degrees, vulnerable to brute force attacks and other approaches to data collection. With the aim of developing the secure and safest website you can, our password encryption utility is an absolute necessary.

Used in combination with our up-to-the-minute Password Generator Tool, the Password Encryption Tool is a great approach to make sure your users can securely store their valuable information with you. Our tool will encrypt any kind of password utilizing 3 of the most common encryption ciphers.

  • Standard - Algorithm for Unix DES-based encryption
  • MD5 - Computes MD5 hash of string using RSA Data Security, Inc. where the hash is a hexadecimal number comprising off 32 characters.
  • sha1 - Computes str sha1 hash utilizing US Secure Hash Algorithm.

Having a reliable password is never sufficient. Protect your website by making use of our free Password Encryption tool. Use this in conjunction with our Password Strength Checker and when you have decided on a very strong password, encrypt it straight away!

We at Dupli Checker commonly utilize three techniques, the standard DES, sha1, and MD5.

Attaining data security by means of encryption is the most proficient approach. Our password encryption tool online plays a crucial part in encrypting your string or password into best algorithms for encryption.

There are basically 2 groups of encryption:

  • Symmetric key encryption
  • Public key encryption

Public key encryption was initially developed in 1973. In this system, the key is available for everyone to encrypt, however, the decryption key is only accessible to the unloading party.

Alternatively, the encryption & decryption keys are identical in symmetric-key systems.

Categories of Encryption that our free online encryption utility delivers are:

  • DES stands for Data Encryption Standard were discovered by Feistel at IBM. The algorithm converts a fixed length of password or string into a cipher text developed by complex operations.
  • MD5 is better than DES as the algorithm for message digest creates a 128-bit hash value.
  • sha1, sha224, sha256, sha384, sha512 generate a 20 byte or 160-bit hash value and developed by NSA.

  • Put your URL in the provided text box.
  • Click on “Submit” button in order to encrypt your data. After the process of encryption is completed, results are displayed in the form of a table.

With the ever growing rate of attacks and hacks, more and more people around the web have started recognizing the significance for keeping their websites safe and secure. One of the techniques is to execute a password encryption for your database. Having stated that, when creating a password protected website, it is also significant to define a way to keep users login details protected from getting in the hands of hackers.

We hear individuals saying that they want to protect their website and the data it covers. Though what does the term “Secure” indicate? One must be recognizant with the fact that data within the site's database isn’t completely protected. If a database password falls into evil hands, all the procedures that you’ve adopted for protecting your website would all go useless. We come across a number of users that utilize some kind of substandard ciphering software that makes use of an algorithm i.e. of no good. As an alternative, users can choose a standardized algorithm, for instance, Message Digest Algorithm 5 or MD-5.

This algorithm is highly prevalent and is preferred even by the professionals in the industry. MD-5 is an encryption approach that utilizes a one-way hash algorithm. The most advantageous benefits of utilizing MD5 encryption is it proficiency of not allowing someone to retrograde an encrypted output to the initial, basic text input. Whatever the input be, Message Digest Algorithm 5 would always plot it to the similar encrypted value. Therefore, assuring the website owners that the stored string or passwords would never be disclosed or available to anybody. With this encryption technique, even though if the hacker is able to breach into your database, he would only have the “Read” approvals and not “Write” experiences hence preventing him from making any modifications to it.

However, there are some specific downsides of MD5 encryption as well. One must not consider the practice of MD5 encryption as entirely dependable. In case, the password that you have put isn’t much reliable, there are likelihoods that a brute force attack can support the attacker gets to know it. Thus, it is utmost significant for individuals to choose a complex password set for their sites, which too must be changed on the frequent basis.

It is obvious to have an impulsive question standing up in the minds that, regardless of recognizing these facts, why must we utilize MD5 encryption? Afterward, reasons for it are that this algorithm is simple, super-fast and really influential.

A number of webmasters do not realize the basic fact that a password encryption tool would only be of little use. It would only keep your passwords secure and not your complete website. If your site is poorly coded, then hackers can exploit such flaws and lead towards serious damage, which might even be a conceded list of your confidential user details. It can only be avoided if you own a very well coded/written website with adequate information encryption. By doing this, attackers and hackers have next to no space of causing damage. Even though they try to crack password encryption, they would hardly achieve success because of the fact that it needs a lot of time and strength to get the results as per their anticipations. Moreover, it is significant to maintain database and website backups on a daily basis.