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Download high-quality videos with our video downloader without installing any plug-in. Just put the URL of the video in the box below and press the download button to get your favorite videos on your device.

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Downloading videos is too facile with this online tool. Follow the steps mentioned below to download facebook, Instagram, dailymotion or any other videos across the internet.

  1. First of all, you will need to get on the top of this webpage, where you will find the box to enter the URL of a video.
  2. The next step is to copy the URL of the video and paste it in this box.
  3. Now, you have to hit the “submit” button.
  4. The video downloader will take a couple of seconds to process your video and will display the option to download it. The final step is to click it.
  5. Your video will be saved in your device in a few seconds.

Nowadays, everyone wishes to watch their favorite videos in high definition quality. But the problem that ruins their desire is the slow internet connection. This slowness irritates many users as the video keeps on buffering, and the results are still very poor. You can overcome this difficulty and make your life easier by downloading videos with our free online video downloader by Duplichecker. This tool allows you to save video in HD quality, and as the video will be saved in your device, you can watch it anytime, anywhere without having an internet connection. It’s the time when you stop watching low-quality videos, as you can download them in HD quality easily on any device without facing any hassle.

The straightforward answer to this query is yes; you can download any video with its link. Things can become simpler if the user is given a download button alongside the video. But, most of the online video platforms don’t give this facility. Thousands of videos are shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram daily, but there is no option of downloading them. However, the good thing is that every video comes with a URL. You can simply copy that URL and paste into our Video Downloader tool, this tool fetch this video with the help of video Search Engine. After this process you have to click on a Download button to save this video in your device permanently.

Second option is Screen recording that feature found in many smartphones that people rely on for saving videos they can’t download. But, it isn’t the best way to save video because the video quality might not be the same as seen in the original video. Hence, to tackle this situation, the video downloader tool is the ultimate solution that helps you save any video by merely copy-pasting its link. The video quality will remain intact when you use this platform to download video from the link.

Whenever a person downloads a video from any online platform, there are two sides to the story. Some people download instagram videos or any video from different platforms for entertainment purposes and for sharing with friends, while others download them to use commercially. It’s legal to download videos as far as you are doing it for personal use, not commercial.

If you are downloading videos from any social site using our tool, you’ll be solely responsible for any copyright infringement.

Furthermore, it’s essential to know that it is illegal to download videos from YouTube because of copyright issues. Therefore, our tool will restrict you from downloading a YouTube video if you place its URL in it.. You can download videos of any other platform with our best free video downloader, and this act will stay legal until you start using the videos for commercial purposes.

When it comes to downloading videos, the main question that arises in the minds of many people is quality. You might come across several video downloaders that will not provide you the video in the desired quality. However, that’s not the case with our tool, as it will never disturb the quality of your entered video while downloading it.

You should know the difference between the HD and SD video quality so that you can download video accurately. SD stands for standard definition, and HD stands for high definition. The difference between these two is due to the number of pixels they display on the screen. The elements in an HD video can be seen more clearly as compared to SD due to the number of pixels.

However, this case often remains unidentified in most of the videos these days. Sometimes, you might be watching an SD video, but you wouldn’t be able to distinguish it with HD due to minimal differences between them. Plus, it also depends on the device you are using for running these videos. If you have downloaded a 1080p HD video on your smartphone, which can only display 720p, then the outcome would be worse than having an SD video. Hence, it’s essential to check your device specifications before downloading an HD quality video.

There are several characteristics of this video downloader that you will not be able to enjoy with other online tools. Let’s discuss them:

Fast and accurate

This tool downloads your video as fast as lightning. Its interface is quick and easy to operate. The videos will be saved on your device accurately.So you can also download your favorite songs using this video song downloader in high quality.

No registration

You don’t have to put in your personal details or get registered with our website for using this web-based service.

Unlimited downloads

This free tool will allow you to save unlimited videos. There is no limitation on the number of videos you can download in a day or at a particular time.


This single tool also acts like a (fb) Facebook video downloader, Dailymotion and instagram video downloader. Use this free online tool to download unlimited videos.

We understand how annoying it is to watch videos online. Plus, it’s not suitable for people with a limited broadband package as videos consume a lot of data. Therefore, we have come up with a utility that can make things easier for everyone. We don’t aim to promote copyright infringement, and we will not be responsible if any of the users use this platform to download videos and use them commercially without the consent of its originator. We are providing you a safe platform to download online videos. Our online video downloader will harm neither the video nor the device.