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Download videos from popular social networking website Facebook using our online Facebook video downloader. By pasting the URL in the field and clicking the download button, you can download any video from Facebook.

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How to Download Facebook Videos?

Facebook video downloader makes the process easy. You can follow the simple steps given below to download Facebook videos.

Step # 1: Enter the Facebook video URL that you wish to download in the given field.

Step # 2: Select the video quality after previewing your video.

Step # 3: Click the Download Video button to begin the FB video download process.

Features of Facebook Video Downloader

Fast and Efficient

The user-friendly interface of this Facebook video downloader makes the process to download videos from Facebook quick and convenient. With this platform, you don't need to spend much time downloading videos, and you can complete this task instantly.

Single-Click Download

This downloader provides a one-click way to download FB videos. As a result, the Facebook video you’re looking forward to downloading will be transferred to your device without following any intricacies.

No Disturbing Ads

Many platforms you’ll find over the web to download videos from Facebook involve multiple ads and pop-ups that have an adverse impact on the user experience.

On the contrary, the users won’t face this issue while using this free Facebook video downloader. The ads on our utility won’t affect its functionality, and users won’t face any disturbance while downloading Facebook videos through it.

Download Video From Facebook with The Exact File

The Facebook video downloader allows you to get the exact video file on your device by simply inserting its URL in the given field. You might face a problem with online utilities that end up downloading some other video several times. Our online tool doesn’t let you encounter this problem; you can save your time and download FB videos that you desire with a single click.

Supports HD Quality

You won’t face quality issues with this online Facebook downloader. This tool permits and supports downloading HD quality videos from this social networking site. The users will not come across any disturbance in the quality of videos they wish to download. The tool will save the video in the exact same quality it is available on your entered URL.

Reasons Why You Need To Download Facebook Videos

Extract Marketing Material

On Facebook, you might come across several videos containing clips that can aid you in generating content for your marketing campaign. You cannot directly save the videos from this platform to extract marketing material. However, it isn’t an impossible task due to the availability of this Facebook video downloader online by DupliChecker. With this tool, you can save videos from Facebook and extract the required material for marketing your own products or services.

Share Content on Other Platforms

Do you want to share a video you watched on Facebook in a WhatsApp group? Or do you want to share video content on other platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.? For all these reasons, you need a Facebook downloader. The videos saved through this online facility can easily be shared across multiple platforms without facing any restrictions.

Save Videos for References

Many times we watch videos on Facebook that can be utilized for giving references. No doubt, you can share the link of a post as a reference, but it would be much easier and more effective to share the exact video instead and make your point note-worthy. You can make it possible by using the Facebook video downloader online. No matter what the size of the video, this Facebook video download utility will transfer to your device’s storage within no time.

Watch Videos Offline

Oftentimes, we don’t have access to the internet connection, and it becomes a hurdle for us to watch our favorite videos on Facebook. Watching videos offline is now possible if you download from Facebook on your device. The Facebook video downloader is the ultimate solution to resolve your worries. You can easily save from Facebook the videos whenever you desire without facing any limitations.

What Does DupliChecker Offer?

Facebook Video Downloader

Our Facebook video downloader helps you save your favorite video content from this social networking platform. Just enter the URL of any video and let the tool perform its magic to fetch and transform your desired video in a matter of seconds.

Facebook Story Downloader

Do you wish to share someone’s Facebook story as your own or any other platform? Try the Facebook Story Downloader on DupliChecker for free and download anyone’s story with a single click.

Facebook Reel Downloader

The short clips (Reels) on Facebook can be downloaded on your device with our Facebook reel downloader. This tool allows you to save reels’ content from Facebook as many times as you desire without following any intricate procedure.

Effortlessly Download Facebook Stories

Facebook is surely one platform that provides vast opportunities to people who want to target the audience with accurate and precise persona analysis. After live videos, the social networking platform has added others tools to the marketer’s chest, i.e., Facebook stories to connect with the audience. As per a report shared by Facebook, stories are claimed to be one of their popular services.

Fortunately, the Facebook story downloader helps you in downloading Facebook stories in high quality without disturbing the pixels. Now you can also download Facebook stories from 360p to 1080p. All you need is to provide the URL of the story. However, the online Facebook story downloader only downloads Facebook stories from the provided links.

Legal Notice

We want to specify to all the users that DupliChecker’s Facebook video downloader doesn’t support or encourage the download or usage of copyrighted content. In addition, we also want to clarify that this facebook video download utility shouldn’t be used to save someone’s content and use it for commercial reasons. The users of our FB video downloader must acquire prior permission from the creator of the video to use it for commercial purposes. DupliChecker is not responsible for copyright infringement that may occur as a result to download videos from Facebook and using copyrighted videos with its online tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Download FB Video from Mobile?

The FB video downloader online offered on DupliChecker is compatible with all kinds of devices. You can easily access this utility through the default browser of your mobile and enter the URL of the Facebook video you wish to download. After that, simply click the download button to get it saved in your local storage.

How to Download Facebook Videos?

You can download Facebook videos without observing any hurdles through our online Facebook video downloader. After accessing this tool on DupliChecker, you can enter the URL of the Facebook video in the given field and click the Download button to initiate the process. Your video will be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

Can I Download Live Videos?

The live videos can only be downloaded once the live streaming has ended. It also depends on whether the creator of the live video keeps or deletes it after ending the stream. If the video is available on account after completion of streaming, you can easily download it by entering its URL on this Facebook video downloader online.

Is this Facebook Video Downloader Free?

Yes, this Facebook video downloader is absolutely free. You don’t need to pay anything for downloading Facebook videos with this online utility. This tool allows users to download as many videos from Facebook as they desire without worrying about paying any charges.

Can I Download Private Videos from Facebook?

No, the online Facebook video downloader on DupliChecker doesn’t permit you to download private videos. The videos uploaded on private Facebook accounts cannot be accessed and fetched by our utility. Hence, you won’t be able to download them, as it’s a breach of the user’s privacy.

Is There Any Restriction on Downloading Facebook Videos?

No! There’s no restriction imposed on downloading Facebook videos with our FB video downloader online. This tool is entirely free of cost and doesn’t impose any restrictions on its usage. You can download as many Facebook videos as you desire with our FB video downloader.

How to Download Facebook Story?

The Facebook story downloader is there to help you to download Facebook stories to your local storage by pasting Facebook Story URL in the given space.

Can I Download Private Stories from Facebook?

No, you cannot download private stories with this Facebook story downloader. Downloading private Facebook stories can violate personal space or infringe copyright laws.

Are Facebook Stories downloaded in HD Quality?

The Facebook stories downloaded by this platform come in HD quality. However, if the story is already low-quality, then the tool will download the story in its original quality.