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Punctuation March 18, 2019

Meaning of Punctuations are the marks that separate the sentence from each other and provide interpretations among the words. Punctuation is the tool that is used to clear the meaning of the words. Punctuation is used in the written documents. In verbal communication, if one wants to emphasize the words then used to change the tone while speaking but in written form punctuations are used to emphasize the words and facts etc. Punctuations are used for an effective way of producing sentences and paragraphs.

Types Of punctuation

Following are the kinds of punctuation:

Comma, this mark is used to join many words and sentences, etc.

The semicolon is very important to connect a large number of sentences and to join the independent clause.

Colons are most commonly used by the authors to express the list of policies etc to follow.

Dash, is for the dramatic break in the sentence, in the books and assignments the readers can find this mark very common.

Hyphens are used to join compound modifier.

The quotation mark is used b the writer to quote some phrase of the known writer in the past or in present as well.

The punctuation marks are very essential

not only in the writing process but also in printing. These marks facilitate the audience to read every word, and sentence with the appropriate pause and break, without the punctuation, marks the meaning of the sentence and the paragraph could be misunderstood. The writer can check the whole document that whether the specific and appropriate marks are there or not and for this reason it is better for the writer to read the whole document in a loud voice.

The readers to know that at what point they need to stop and to which words and sentences the writer needs to give more importance. The writing of the writer is of no use without the punctuation marks because without it the sentences would defiantly be unclear. The author can express the feelings with the punctuation marks as in verbal communication the writer is expressing the feelings with the body language.

Different types of sentences

required different punctuation marks like the simple sentence need only a single independent clause, whereas the compound sentence requires two or three clauses. Complex sentence encompassed more than one independent or either the dependent clause. The mixture of compound and the complex sentence is required one or either many dependent clauses or either two or more independent clause.

In the writing process,

proofreading is very essential for eliminating the errors, but it is a fact that while prewriting the writer should not take care of the punctuation marks while generating the ideas because while doing brainstorming the punctuation marks are the barriers to write freely. If you start generating and writing the ideas while considering the punctuation then it can block the mind of the authors and creates anxiety. Focusing on punctuation while prewriting is friction in productive writing.

The text should be well organized

and structured, without the punctuation, mark it is impossible to make the text organized and presentable. It is important for the beginners to learn how to use the punctuation marks, and the academic institutions should encourage the students from the very start to focus on the punctuation while writing either the assignments or projects. It is easy to develop the habit in the young age rather than the old one, so the instructors should persuade students to use the marks properly while writing even in the lower grade/classes.