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Proofreading August 18, 2018

Tips For Proofreading

There are many exercises which the writer can do to be more perfect in proofreading as it leads to very accurate and authentic text without the errors. Following are tips and the guidelines which lead to successful proofreading:

The writer must have a doubt after writing that it is possible that there are many mistakes in the text.

The author should read the whole article/ paper very Clear and loud.

The key to successful proofreading is that the writer should read everything very slowly.

The researcher should read the text which is being written and not the text which is in the imagination,

It is always good to read the text twice or more.

The good authors used to practice this method because they want that their text should be without the mistakes and the best one, and that is the reason that they need to read their written document more than many times. It is always good to go for this type of method to produce something worthwhile because the audience likes to have the document having no errors. The person who used to write many memos and letters should go for this technique.

Types Of Proofreading

There are three kinds of proofreading and these are mentioned below:

  • Comparison
  • Format
  • Content

It depends upon the researcher/author for the selection of the proofreading types.

Comparison, this kind is not for all the text and the documents because the person needs to apply this type to have the same word in the new text as same as it is in the old document. In the Content proofreading, the proofreader used to forget about the old document and just try to focus on the new one and in this kind following are the things which are in the focus of the proofreader:

Structure of sentence

  • Spelling
  • Logic
  • Factuality
  • Consistency

In Format proofreading, the proofreader used to check the formatting of the text and tries to follow the particular format which is suitable for the document.

It is always better to go for the proofreading with the help of the hard copy and even do not try to use the soft copy for checking because it is for sure that you would be missing mistakes that are there in the documents.

The reader should put the marks on the sentences etc where the reader wants to have any change because otherwise, you can miss the mistake. Do not skim the mistakes so for this it is better do not check your own written document to avoid such practice.

It is always good to revise the document, again and again, to make it more accurate in terms of punctuation, spellings, sentence structure, etc. Proofreading is an art and that is why people like to learn it, to have the grip because it is very helpful in writing and making the article/paper very authentic.

Practice Of Proofreading Activity

Proofreading is an essential activity but somehow after analyzing the surroundings of schools and colleges, we found that 95% of the students don’t follow this practice even the teachers of today are not practicing this activity. The academic management of the schools and colleges should take strict action about this activity so the whole staff including the teachers will follow this practice. The above-mentioned techniques of proofreading are valuable to follow.