PHP Formatter

Online PHP beautifier by Duplichecker allows you to format your unformatted PHP code in seconds.


PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a core language used widely worldwide to create web applications. The PHP file may contain HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and even AJAX, which returns the plain HTML format results after being executed on a server. However, this collection of various data languages may disturb the formatting of PHP or make it complex to read. At that time, you need a utility that can beautify your PHP and arrange it in an understandable manner.

Fortunately, you can use online PHP Formatter at DupliChecker; this Formatter provides you with great assistance in beautifying your PHP without requiring any manual efforts from your end. A few taps on your device will allow you to beautify your PHP code with the help of this PHP beautifier online.

A PHP file may have a code of thousands of lines, and there might be a possibility that many people are working on a single PHP file. That’s why it becomes essential in such a scenario to keep your code neat and clean, so anyone can read it without facing any ambiguity. The process of formatting PHP code may take considerable time and effort if done manually. But, with an online tool Formatter, this can be performed within no time. You can paste your PHP code on a formatter tool and it will beautify it and provides you with the results instantaneously.

The PHP code formatter offered by the DupliChecker is the best option that you could find over the web for beautifying your PHP. The following steps will enable you to beautify your PHP code quickly.

  • Paste your PHP Code
    (Note: You may also upload your PHP file by pressing the “Upload” button.)
  • Now, click on the “Format PHP” Button to start the processing.
  • This Formatter will process your code and provide you with the desired results instantly.
  • This online tool is designed using advanced algorithms that make it one of the fastest and reliable PHP formatter of recent times. Some of the primary features of this utility are mentioned here.

    Instant Formatter:

    You don’t need to wait for hours in getting your required formatting, as you may have to do while using other online tools. This online utility provides you with the results within a few seconds.

    Free of Cost:

    If you have this query in mind that how much it will cost to use this online tool, you don’t need to get worried about it. You can utilize this PHP code formatter without paying anything to anyone.

    Beautify Code in One Click:

    This tool gives you a chance to beautify your PHP code without going through any intricate processes. A single tap on your device will allow you to format your code through this PHP beautifier.

    No Download Required:

    If you are tired of using online facilities that restrict you to download their applications for using their services, then this tool is most suitable for you. You don't need to install any desktop app on your device to use our online tool.

    The internet is full of online tools that can be used to perform various tasks. Similarly, there are a number of online PHP Formatter utilities available over the web. But, most of them are usually paid or have some limitations like installing desktop applications or going through boring sign-up procedures. However, the PHP beautifier provided by DupliChecker doesn’t have any such restriction, and you can use it without any hesitation. You don’t have to make an account or click on various links to format your PHP with this free facility.

    Also, this PHP Formatter online tool is easily accessible from any device. Whether you are using Android, Mac, or Computers, you can utilize this facility easily. Moreover, this formatter supports all operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

    Many people have this misconception that PHP code Formatter and PHP Beautifier are two different utilities. Well, both of them are the same and have similar functionalities. The primary purpose of using these tools is to organize the messy and ambiguous PHP code and turn it into neat and readable writing.

    We all know that PHP is easy to learn as a programming language, which makes it immensely popular among new programmers. The advanced PHP formatter online tool will provide assistance to all newcomers who want to excel in the programming field and improve their PHP coding skills.

    Privacy is one of the most critical elements of an online facility. People mostly hesitate to use an online tool because they believe that it won’t be safe to upload confidential data on an online utility. They have a doubt that anyone can get access to their data or hack their confidential information. But, you don’t need to let any such thoughts disturb your mind, as we are offering you the safest PHP Formatter online tool. All the data you upload on this tool will be erased from our databases as soon as the processing is over. Also, no third party can get access to your data in any case. So, you can use this PHP Beautifier online tool without any hesitation and beautify PHP code easily.