Twitter Card Generator


Twitter Card is for Twitter what Open Graph is for Facebook, through utilizing a Twitter card you can attach highly rich content including videos, photos and other media to Tweets that are accountable for the web traffic. All you need to do is to add some HTML lines in your code, and a card will be created for when individuals Tweet links to your website page, visible to followers. As we are familiar with the fact that Twitter is among the popular and leading social media networks and so, it is massively utilized by several businesses and brands in order to take benefit and boost their user engagement and flow of traffic.

A number of tools have now been introduced to help individuals in promoting social media posts such as tweets or links, making them more engaging and interacting with individuals. Among all these valuable tools, there is one tool that is extremely useful in boosting profit margins for businesses and traffic flow that is called Twitter Card Generator.

Our tool comprises of an easily manageable interface and works under the simplest manner. You are just required to fill in all the empty text fields. Then copy/paste the code in Header Tag of HTML coding of your website page. Our twitter card generator tool works under a rather simplest manner.

Twitter is considered as one of the top ranking and leading social media networks that are very popular nowadays. Not only is it a wonderful users experience but also an active social media forum that is utilized by many brands and businesses. The ultimate reason is that all businesses and brands take benefit of this social media platform with the aim of boosting traffic flow and user commitment.

There are many tools that are being developed and made available to individuals in order to make social postings, for example, links and tweets on Twitter more interactive and appealing to the people. One of such amazing tool that is extremely useful to engage a massive audience and boost profits margins for brands and businesses via boosting sales and profits is the twitter card generator.

The sole purpose of Dupli Checker’s Twitter card generator tool is to assist users in adding photos, videos, graphics and other media to posts and tweets which are made on Twitter. The addition of media files to your Twitter postings aids to make your posts and tweets more appealing and interactive. Thus, you are able to boost traffic drive for your website and also boost overall followers for your business /brands along with boosting profit margins.

There are innumerable Twitter cards available to boost drive of traffic and engagement ratio for each and every post that you make. As social media posts are a proficient way of advertising and marketing nowadays, thus one obvious advantage of Twitter cards generator is that it significantly boosts sales for your business and brand. Here are various Twitter cards accessible for users.

  • Summary Card

    There are basically two categories of Twitter summary card available for users to use:

    • Summary Card with Small Images

      The summary card with small images enhances the user experience via adding an appealing and interactive title, post attribution and thumbnail i.e. your tweet credentials.

    • Summary Card with Large Images

      A summary card with large images is just like a summary card with small images. The only dissimilarity that is noticeable is that the latter involves a full sized image in tweets, in contrast to the size of the thumbnail in the initial version of the summary card.

  • App Card

    It facilitates individuals by offering a link for direct download from the play store for a number of desktop and mobile based apps.

  • Player Card

    A player card is the most widely used out of all the cards. It helps to add media files, for instance, videos, images and audio files of different lengths to the social media posts and tweets.

  • Twitter Card META Tags

    There are basically three types of Twitter Cards: video, photo, and summary. A summary Twitter Card is for text-based content and articles, whereas video and photo cards are self-explanatory, for example, YouTube makes use of the video card type. There are some META tags utilized for all twitter card types, then a couple of more with card-type-specifics. Twitter prefixes all META tag name elements.

Twitter make use of meta tags recognized with "name="twitter: card" for productive content sharing with suitable twitter card image sizes. You can create Twitter card meta tags for your website with Dupli Checker’s 100% free Twitter Card Generator tool and share content on Twitter in an interactive way. Our highly superlative tool plays a crucial part in generating following Meta tags:

  • Type: Select one of the available choices from a dropdown list. The options are Player, App, Summary, Product or Summary with Larger Image.
  • Site Username: It identifies the name of your website with prefix @.
  • Description: Meta description to be displayed in tweets.
  • App details: If a Twitter Card is generated for App then enter details like name, iPad ID, iPhone ID, App Country and Google Play ID.

These Meta tags will be automatically created in the text field when you enter details. Click on "Copy" button to choose all the code and copy by pressing "Cmd + C" or "Ctrl + C" buttons. You should paste Meta tags within the head tags of your website page.