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Our incredible HTML Minifier also named as HTML Compressor is a program that some web developers and programmers use to reduce or minify HTML code, by removing unnecessary line breaks, white spaces, tabs and everything else that seems meaningless in the code. Our superlative HTML Minifier is one of the greatest and simplest approaches to boost a website.

Dupli Checker helps you to minify HTML code by eliminating line breaks, extra spaces and tabs ultimately result in a highly-minified HTML. Boost up your web pages. Safely condense the size of your HTML coding, JS and CSS files, make your web pages to load quickly, minimize mobile transference costs.

Dupli Checker’s HTML Compressor condenses HTML code by eliminating unessential white spaces, tabs, line breaks and other superfluous objects. Results in a highly reduced version of HTML! Our tool also displays savings you got by reducing your HTML.

Dupli Checker’s free online HTML compression program makes HTML compress files and codes by eliminating:

  • Changing double spaces with single spaces
  • Removing text line breaks and other unnecessary objects
  • Tab Spaces

You just have to paste your HTML coding and upload HTML file in given fields, and let our tool perform the rest of work for you!

Our tool is very useful for webmasters as it nicely compresses the size of HTML file. You can minify an entire HTML file or just an HTML code, whatever you like.

If you own a website with a higher bandwidth, then reduced HTML files can save you a considerable amount of money by compressing server bills. It is one of the easiest and superlative approaches to optimize a website.

If you have ever grasped your site’s HTML code markup with critical eyes and noticed how crude and sloppy it actually appears, then you certainly need an online HTML minifier tool and use it for deleting those messy markups with the aim of beautifying HTML. Furthermore, HTML Minify tool will help you in boosting up download time.

Our HTML Minifier is actually utilized to beautify HTML, by compressing HTML file size. This tool is actually vital for boosting the speed of a website. Dupli Checker’s HTML minifier will help you to minify HTML, as it eradicates additional white spaces, comments, newlines and more. A few HTML minify tools online also condense JS and CSS between the style and script tags. Occasionally, if you compress HTML, it also happens to be a choice which allows you to make all absolute website URLS to relative web URLS.

A number of code compressor programs or tools are accessible online that you can utilize to reduce HTML code. Our tool is highly superlative owing to its easily flexible interface; utilizing it, you can easily compress the size of your HTML file.

Why Dupli Checker’s HTML Minify:

You can easily get a number of online HTML compressor programs or tools on the internet which you can utilize to compress HTML code then what makes Dupli Checker’s HTML Minifier any different from others? You will find our HTML Compressor exceptional for its easy and user-friendly interface. With the support of our HTML Minifier, you are not only able to condense HTML code but also minimize the HTML file size. Our state-of-the-art HTML Minifier will also help you in saving a lot of bucks, in the case of higher bandwidth, through compressing HTML code and reducing server bills.

As we provide you an incredible HTML Minifier tool, you can use it to reduce HTML which can sometimes be a major concern. You can utilize our free compressor for the sole purpose of compressing HTML, just pursue these easy steps:

  • Copy & paste your HTML code into the provided text field. Then click on “Submit” button.
  • OR you can upload HTML code. Though, bear in mind that you can upload maximum 10 files at one time and each of your files must not be more than 2MB.

Now, you can give a try to our user-friendly HTML Minifier yourself in order to minify HTML and watch it work. Though, do spare some seconds to provide us your feedback which is valued to us and allows us to develop our tools.

HTML, in conjunction with CSS and JavaScript, is one of the basic programming languages. It has been utilized for a long time and is extremely common even these days. Actually, it is one of the primary languages from which many of the websites are developed. It would be entirely safe to say that HTML is, indeed, one of the fundamental pillars of WWW.

When a programming language is common, it is utilized extensively. And when it is employed at such a huge level, individuals always search for ways to boost user experience. One of these approaches is through minifying code with tools like Dupli Checker’s HTML Compressor.

Compressing, or minifying a file means condensing it in size which you can do through HTML Compressor by reducing empty tags, white space, and other unessential data. Function names are also made smaller, and other codes which are not utilized will be eliminated.

The purpose is to make the code, or the file, simpler and shorter. It leads towards a perfect user experience as loading time for a website is diminished.

You are a coder, so you are definitely familiar with the term coding. But everyone likes some guidelines. You may be familiar with them earlier or may not, but therefore we learn as learning is an ongoing process. Here are some cool things about HTML:

  • It comprised of the best DOCTYPE
  • Charset is avowed as the initial idea in the head
  • Separator is utilized and ends with the title of the website
  • Jquery served from Google
  • ID is applied on body to allows exclusive page styling

So, start HTML coding for new improved features.