Website Page Snooper

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A page snooper will show the HTML code of ay website that you choose, or reveal the source code of any page you want. The code will be highlighted in three colors to help distinguish HTML tag from parameter and value. HTML tag will be highlighted in blue. Parameter will be highlighted in red, and value in green.

The rivalry in the world of internet is getting stronger and more complex with the passage of time. At any given moment, a large number of websites are being uploaded and made live. The backbone of a website is its code, and that is why it’s critical to keep improving and updating your code.

Why would you want to view page source online? There could be several reasons for this; after running all the analytical tests and checks for a competing website, you still have not been able to figure out why your ranking isn’t better than theirs.

In such situation, you can choose from several options; you can sit back and hope that your competitors make a mistake or go out of business, or you can try to outrank them by updating and improving your website. It is wise if you decide to update your own website and for that, you might want to view page source online for your competitor which allows you to have an insight of the tricks that they are using.

To do so, you will need expertise in HTML or an HTML code viewer online. In case, you are not much familiar with the language, get help from someone who knows the language and some good HTML viewer online to thoroughly view page source online.

Duplichecker offers you a website page snooper tool which you can use to view page source online of your own website or website of your competitor. This tool displays the website source code which you can use to review the code carefully.

At times you feel the need to keep an eye on one of your online rivals. You can go like “Wow! This is an amazing trick or feature… I should have it on my site as well”. This requires you to have a deeper look into the source code of a website which has now become easier than ever before. Now, you can view a code profoundly and see how precisely it is structured. Go ahead! Now that you know the secret punch, you can beat your rivals.

Keeping in consideration the scenario mentioned above, we felt the need to develop a tool that is capable of allowing you to spy on the code of any of your competitor websites. So who is it you want to spy today?

This super handy website page snooper offered by DupliChecker enables you just to enter the URL of the website, and you will get the entire HTML source. Examining an entire source code can be hard to decipher an entire code; therefore, it is recommended to open an individual page and note the points of significance.

If a page of your website is causing any trouble, then you can review its HTML source code to find out the error and resolve it.

If you are testing a new website, it would be better to begin from the top which means that first, you should view page source online for the home page. Afterward, you should examine each of the pages individually and review the code thoroughly. By following this method and noting the points while studying, you can easily compare it with another source code.

Keep in mind that when you are looking at a competitor website, you can only review it, but you are not able to make any changes to it. Source of each website is protected, you can look at it, review it but you sure can’t edit it. If there is no protection, then the internet would become so messy.

If you know HTML then you can figure out the weaknesses of your website source code with the help of page snooper. If you are the webmaster, having the administer rights, then you can make the desired changes to the source code and then upload it. After that, you can see the impact.

After you have snooped and viewed page source online of a competitor, you can get the ideas for enhancing the performance of your website. But you must be aware how exactly you can make those changes. However, word of caution is that you should never implement the changes right across the website, it is better to make incremental changes. The Golden rule is: Change, Test, Change, Test, and so on.

In case, you have made a mistake; you will know where and quickly rectify them.

Sometimes the government may assign the agencies to snoop from websites and keep an eye on what they are up to. They might be interested to stop the bad publicity. Similarly, people would like to retain the online privacy. This issue especially occurs with social media which makes such a huge impact on how people communicate with each other across the internet. One of the simplest yet controversial solutions is to utilize a Virtual Private Network.

Website Page Snooper can be used for a positively or negatively; it just all depends on your purpose and approach.

If you know how to use page snooper correctly, the website page snooper tool can prove very helpful. When deciding about the website page snooper that you should use, do consider the page snooper offered by DupliChecker.

You can use website page snooper tool first on your own website, to review it page by page and discover tiny fragments of code that serve as your weakness and strength. Looking at a competing internet site, you can also find the good bits that are missing on your site. Once you know what is missing and what is extra on your website, you can make the desired changes.

Once your HTML code is changed, you will be able to see the changes after Google swings by and take a fresh look at your website. You will be able to see the impact which will most likely be positive, resulting in your website’s overall improvement.