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Welcome to Dupli Checker Domain to IP Lookup tool, if you are in search of a tool which can transform your provided domain address into IP. Our Domain to IP Lookup Tool will notify you about the domain IP and its status.

Some time ago, website owners had to use the command prompt with the intention of finding IP address of a specific domain address. Though this old practice was a little exhausting as well as difficult and everyone engaged in online marketing had to depend on this appalling tool.

Nowadays, every Search Engine Optimization (SEO) task has been made hassle-free with the ease of some handy tools, making it possible for SEO specialists and website owners to focus on the marketing strategies and the creation of content instead of putting their concentration on other complex processes.

If you need to know the IP address of your domain, then you only have to type the complete URL in the provided text field and click on “Check” button. Our reliable and quick tool will rapidly fetch the results and exhibit them to you. Within only a few seconds, results will be shown in a table form, including the status and IP address of the domain.

Domain to IP tool as the name signifies is an IP finder for websites that allows you to change any domain address to IP. Now there is no need to use Command Prompt as used by webmasters and bloggers in the past if they ever had to know IP of any domain which was somewhat tricky. Thus, this IP location lookup tool comes handy whenever you need to search for domain IP address details, making it one of the most proficient tools that have been developed so far.

Our excellent tool will notify you about IP address of a domain name, the particular ISP details and the region in which the server is located. With the support of such tools, the process of domain to IP conversion has become easier than ever before. And we are providing you the incredible domain to IP changer tool out there.

Utilizing this tool is very easy; you can reap the benefits of it through following some simple guidelines, all you have to do is to enter the full URL you need to know the IP address for and click on “Submit” button, and results will be displayed within the blink of an eye. If you want to try our tool for another URL, you have to click on green “Try New URL” button.

Convert the URL to IP address or trace your IP according to domain. It might be supportive to track that anonymous website that shares a link to your product and leaves a comment on your blog. Find out who they are in addition to where they belong. As there might be a prospective customer waiting for your approval, so this a necessary tool of today. It is perfect for conversions.

Every time you type a domain name into address bar with the intention of visiting a specific website, the hit goes directly to a particular IP address. These statistical IP addresses are readable by computer and are considered as helpful from SEO perspective. Numerous search engines particularly Google consider website IP addresses that are related to your site or blog. Sometimes there are a number of irrelevant links related to your website and it becomes increasingly significant to keep record of these irrelevant links and disavow them utilizing the disavow tool.

Despite this valuable information, some real links are waiting for your approval. If you know about their IP address and from where they are coming, then you can easily approve them under a self-assured manner. Another crucial benefit of transforming domain into IP address is that you are capable of avoiding unprotected IP address and keep your website safe and secure. Search engines always appreciate those websites that are safe for surfing and free from all types of errors and bugs.

We at Dupli Checker provide this wonderful domain into IP address tool. The ideal characteristic of our tool is that results are displayed super-fast. The initial step is to enter your domain name and click on “Submit”. You will get comprehensive information regarding the domain IP on your screen involving country and the ISP. We have developed this highly sophisticated tool to be simple to use and user-friendly. Our team of expert developers has also made certain that the tool provided by us is error-free and does not cause any harm to your blog or website. In addition to SEO benefits, you can also boost up your internet connection by knowing about IP. When our tool is utilized in combination with other series of dependable tools offered by us, you are able to run your SEO campaign in a productive manner. We always desire our clients to enjoy higher rankings in search engine so that they can gain the highest traffic and transform this traffic into higher profits and sales.

  • You can quickly check IP address location of your and your competitor’s domain.
  • This information can be utilized while running your campaign for SEO.
  • All this can prove to be perfect state for conversions.
  • You would also be capable of tracking those website domains which are unrelated to your business, and their links are pointed to your web. You can easily get rid of these links one by one and only keep connected to the high valued and quality links.
  • One of the leading benefits of utilizing this tool is that you are capable of keeping an eye on the pornographic domain. According to Google terms & conditions, it is strictly forbidden to get links from pornographic websites.