Batch URL Search For Plagiarism

Search multiple sites or web pages with this amazing software, which is free for all- yes, no cost at all. It is capable of comparing several URLs at one time and show the copied content within a few seconds. Enter various URLs one by one- one URL in one line and press search. All the results are sequentially displayed below with an option of further investigation.

Further investigation can be done by using our Text Comparison Search.

We at Dupli Checker introduced a tool named as “Batch Search” that lets users to automatically scan for plagiarized content of given URLs. It is a superlative tool that is specially designed to scan a complete site, or even a series of websites, for web pages that they might have either copied from or are being copied by others. The idea is very simple; you enter in web URLs that you need to search and afterward grab a cup of tea while Dupli Checker churns away at website URLs, looking for all the relevant matches.

On that front, it is very simple to observe why this would be an outstanding tool, particularly valuable for one-time checks of a website, but does it hold up and does it make the whole procedure of checking for plagiarized content quicker? The answer appears to be yes, but with a few caveats.

Our tool is capable of contrasting a number of URLs in one time and displays the duplicated content within only a few seconds. Enter several website URLs one by one in one line and click on search. All the results are serially displayed below with a choice of added investigation.

The whole process of Dupli Checker’s Batch Search is rather straightforward. There are basically three approaches you can enter URLs into the system. First of all, you can scan a single website URL and collect links from it; you can copy/paste a list of web URLs with one on each line, or you can merely upload a sitemap.

Whichever system you select, our highly superlative tool will put URLs in a list; filtering for particular duplicates and it will notify you accordingly. After that, you merely submit the search.

Dupli Checker’s Batch URL Search for Plagiarism moves at a rate flanked by 150-200 URLs an hour. For a small sized batch, in a hundred, you could search in a lunch break, greater ones, over a thousand, may need to run it overnight.

After the results are completed, they are delivered in a fairly plain list. You get the website URL, the title of the original page, the matches found and a color-coded sign that indicates how much of the content has been copied or plagiarized. From there, you need to evaluate the results manually, as you should with any plagiarism detector, and make your purposes about whether Batch Search findings were justified.

The whole process of getting web URLs into Batch Search and executing the search is extremely efficient and simple. You can even run a series of batches through, comprising of one very large one, and was able to put all of them without any problem. However, isn’t any need to utilize sitemap feature directly for several reasons with different batches, you can extract links effectively using web URL parser and list attribute with comfort.

Although the creation of results wasn’t amazingly fast, it was certainly faster than it would have been to do the searches manually. In each test, our tool beat its anticipated time of completion by around 10% and the results were accessible well before you anticipate them.

The results themselves were also straightforward and simple. Click on website URL in the key list takes you towards a list of so-called copies, that list will afterward bring you to the Batch Search match page where you can see the same text highlighted. You can also view text on your website, indicating URL that you checked, for evaluation.

In a nutshell, it is an open system that gets the job done in short order. Like with the rest of our tools, it is destined to be as easy as possible while remaining very influential and proficient in using. However, there are a few hang-ups that restrict the usefulness of service and limit your search, specifically while doing a human analysis.

The best use of this tool is a unique check of a massive number of website URLs. Though, circumstances, where that might be suitable, are scarce.

If you have a need to monitor your website for copying regularly, Dupli Checker’s Batch Search tool will be both far too time-saving. You would be much better off with our up-to-the-minute tool. It will save your money over the long-run.

Though, if you want to conduct a one-time audit of a website, either to realize how much content reprocess takes place or if a body of work includes duplicated material, it can certainly help. Batch Search is highly practicable for large batches. You will possibly be suited to break apart any big job into smaller, more manageable divisions so you can undergo it and form it better.

It is a solid deal overall if you want to utilize our tool. Dupli Checker’s batch search tool has always performed wonderfully in plagiarism detection, even taking top honors just in a one-on-one competition. It’s a superlative tool, just with a proficient use.

If you require what Dupli Checker’s Batch Search does best, you will use it. It is strongly recommended for what it does and can utilize it again in the future as the need occurs. Overall, with its state-of-the-art features, it is a robust tool and an outstanding deal. Best of all, our highly superlative Batch Search tool can be updated with an update as none of them are pertinent to core process or service.

All in all, though, it is a fascinated tool, with a massive use at a commercial level. Though it is unlikely most will ever need it, those who do will undoubtedly be excited it is available.