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How to Count Sentences?

Counting sentences has become an effortless task with DupliChecker’s online sentence counter. Just follow the simple steps shared below:

  • Paste or type the text in the given box.
  • Press the “Count Sentences” button.
  • The results will be displayed instantaneously.

Count Sentences Accurately with Our Free Sentence Counter

Have you become tired of counting sentences? If yes, DupliChecker’s sentence counter is here to simplify your life. This automated sentence count tool is developed with advanced technology that conducts a precise analysis of text and count sentences quickly. Moreover, the sentences counter tool is compatible with all devices and platforms. No matter what device you use, you will not find any difference in the working of this online tool.

What Makes Our Sentence Counter Different from Other Tools?

The advanced features of DupliChecker’s sentence count tool make it stand out from other tools available over the web. Some prominent functionalities of this tool include the following:

User-Friendly Interface

There are no complexities involved in the usage of our free sentence counter. The user-friendly interface of this tool makes it easy-to-operate for everyone. You won’t need to acquire specialized training to count sentences with this web-based utility.

Accuracy & Reliability

The sentence checker by DupliChecker is based on advanced algorithms that ensure to deliver 100% accurate results. You can completely depend upon the outcomes delivered by this utility without having any doubts on its accuracy.

Quick Sentence Count

Our sentence counter is a super-fast tool that can generate results in a matter of seconds. You can quickly count sentences by simply pasting the text you wish to analyze in the given field.

Real-Time Results

Instead of copy-pasting content or uploading files, if you type text on this online sentence counter, it will provide you with real-time results. You can use this free tool and instantly analyze and count the number of sentences in your text.

Case Converting Toolbar

The most unique and advanced feature of this free sentences counter is its case converting toolbar. With its assistance, you can easily change the sentence case of your text in a couple of clicks.

Characters & Syllables Count

Besides providing the sentence count of text in your file, this sentence counting tool also displays the characters and syllables count. This will help you to adjust the length and complexity of your text.

Text Reading Time

Counting the words in your text may seem impossible, but our sentences counter has made it possible. Its text reading time feature estimates the time an average might take to read your text and displays the results in a blink of an eye.

Who Can Use Sentence Counter Online?

The sentence counter online tool is a valuable resource for individuals working in various spectrums. The users who may find this tool useful are discussed below:


Marketers need to craft concise messages for their marketing campaigns. They cannot expand too much while writing down words. The online sentence counter tool will be a useful tool for them. As they can keep track of the number of sentences and characters to craft text according to specific requirements.


Writers are often asked by their clients to keep the text length up to a certain number of words, characters, and sentences. With the sentence count tool, they can easily obtain such data and make the changes to monitor real-time results.


Academic writing isn’t as easy as it seems; instructors provide detailed guidelines to their students, and they need to ensure that their work fulfills all of the requirements. An online sentence counter is a useful tool for students to track the sentence and characters count in essays and papers.This tool can provide accurate data that help them know the exact number of sentences in their assignments and essays.


How Many Sentences is 250 Words?

A sentence typically consists of 15-20 words; hence, 250 words usually consist of 12 to 15 sentences.

How Many Sentences is 100 Words?

100 words are usually around 5 to 7 sentences.

Is there a Difference Between Word Counter & Sentence Counter?

Yes! There is a difference between a word counter and sentence counter, as the former counts the number of words contained in a document and latter counts its number of sentences.

Can This Sentence Count Tool Analyze and Count Complex Sentences?

Yes! Our sentence count tool is capable of analyzing and counting all types of sentences, including complex ones. Its advanced algorithm ensures to provide the exact number of sentences existing in your content.

Can this Sentence Counting Tool Count the Number of Sentences in a Document?

Yes! DupliChecker’s sentences counter boasts the file upload feature through which you can submit a document and count sentences it contains. This tool supports all document formats, including Txt, PDF, Docs, and Docx.

Is this Sentence Counter Free to Use?

Yes! This sentence counting tool is absolutely free to use. You don’t need to pay a penny or register to use this sentence counting tool.

Does this Sentence Count Tool Store My Uploaded Text / Data?

No! Duplichecker’s sentence count tool doesn’t store the text submitted by any user. Its advanced encryption technologies keep your work safe and secure. Once you are done with counting sentences, your data automatically gets removed from its servers.