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Text to Audio Converter uses AI technology to convert written text to audio. It converts your text file into audible MP3 files for free!

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How to Use Text to Audio Converter?

The text to audio converter doesn’t ask its users to follow any complicated procedure. You can convert text to MP3 by following the easy steps given below:

Upload Text File

Copy and paste or Click the upload button to explore the text file from your device.

Edit as Per Need

Select speed and pitch for the audio you need.

Download the MP3 File

Click the play button to get instant results. You can also download the MP3 file in a few seconds.

Text to MP3 with Multiple Audios

The text to MP3 converter on DupliChecker is not limited to a specific robotic audio. It comes with multiple audios of both men and women that sound similar to humans. You can try and select your preferred one without facing any restrictions. The text to audio converter also helps you choose from different dialects of languages spoken around the world, such as UK English, USA English, Italiano, Deutsch, Espanol, Polski, etc.

Benefits of Text to audio Converter

Text to audio conversion is advantageous for people in multiple ways. The top benefits you can enjoy by using this text to audio converter free tool are as follows:

Boost Your Productivity

In our fast-paced world, multitasking has become crucial for boosting productivity. Text to audio converters offer a valuable solution in this regard. By converting written content into spoken words, you can conveniently listen to essential documents and emails while simultaneously engaging in other tasks. This tool allows you to maximize your efficiency by doing multiple chores and listening to written text instead of spending time solely on reading.


Text to audio technology plays a valuable role in proofreading by providing an alternative way to review and edit written content. Text to mp3 converter helps detect and correct spelling mistakes and typos that may go unnoticed during visual reading. It also facilitates a better understanding of the flow and rhythm of the written content. By listening to the text, proofreaders can assess the coherence and clarity of the writing.

Generate MP3 Files from Text

When you’re required to read a text, you can’t focus on other chores. If you need to understand what’s written in a text, you can generate MP3 files from it with the help of a text to audio converter.

Text to audio with Unlimited Features by DupliChecker

Text to audio converter of Duplichecker has multiple features. Some of its top-notch features include the following:

Easy to Use

You aren’t required to follow any hard and fast rules to convert text to audio. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to execute this conversion without taking anyone’s assistance.

Listen at Any Speed

Whether you need to hear your text at slow, average, or fast speed, the Text to Audio Converter has you covered. It allows you to select any speed from the available options and enjoy listening to your text documents.

Pitch Adjustment

Pitch adjustment can be used creatively to create unique effects. If you wish to hear your text at a specific pitch, you can make this adjustment while using this text to MP3 converter.

Listen on Desktop or Mobile Devices

The super-compatibility of our text to audio converter allows you to listen to your text through any device. Whether using a Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, or iOS device, you can easily access this tool from its browser and convert text to MP3.

Fast Conversion

You aren’t required to spend time and effort executing the text to audio conversion. The advanced TTS to MP3 technology allows you to conduct fast conversion and get your hands on the converted MP3 file instantly.


How to Convert Text to MP3 Online?

You can easily convert text to MP3 online by accessing DupliChecker’s text to audio converter. Upload text, select your preferred audio and hit the given button to get your hands on top-quality results instantly!

Is This TTS MP3 Converter Free for Everyone?

Yes! The TTS MP3 converter is free of cost. You aren’t required to pay a single penny for this conversion.

Is It Safe to Use Text to Audio Converter on This Platform?

Yes! It’s entirely safe to convert text to audio using our platform. It won’t save your uploaded text or converted file in its databases. Your text and audio will automatically be removed from our servers once the conversion process is completed.

Can I Download My File in MP3 Format?

Yes! You can download your file in MP3 format after converting it through the online text to audio converter.

How Long Does It Take to Convert Text File into MP3 File?

It just takes a couple of seconds to convert a text file into an MP3 file. You will get instant results with our text to MP3 converter.