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How to Use Our Free Essay Checker?

Ensuring the quality and flawlessness of your essay is straightforward. Follow the steps shared below to check for mistakes in your essay.

  • imgPaste the text in the given field, or submit the text file directly by pressing the Upload button.
  • imgPress the Check Essay button to evaluate your writing.
  • imgOur essay checker will scan your uploaded text and highlight any misspelled words or grammar mistakes in your essay.

Write Better Essays and Thesis with Duplichecker's Essay Corrector

Uncover your writing deficiencies and rectify them instantly using the suggestions shared by our online essay corrector. Duplichecker offers you a top-notch online facility that makes your prose clear and coherent. This free tool allows you to review your essay for spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and misused words.

This utility helps students identify the bugs in their writing that can hurt their grades. Using the suggestions of this tool, you can ace your written assignment. This web-based facility is highly advantageous for students and enables them to write fluent, natural, and impressive essays. The best part is that it doesn't require a user signup or subscription. All you require is an uninterrupted internet connection to access our essay checker free.

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What Aspects Does Our Essay Corrector Examine?

The free essay checker and corrector help writers ensure their written tasks' quality. With this tool, you can evaluate every attribute of your written text that can affect its readability. Using our essay corrector, you can detect the following:


Lack of Fluency

The irregular and inconsistent flow of information can affect the readability of content. The lack of fluency in your writing can make it ambiguous for the readers. With our free writing checker, you can easily identify the mistakes in a text that are affecting its fluency.


Spelling Errors

Our free paper checker highlights the spelling errors in the text you have entered on it. It will save you from doing all the proofreading yourself and reduce your efforts. The advanced tool will never overlook any single minor spelling error in your text.


Grammar Errors

Grammatical mistakes in an essay can interrupt your message and make the text hard to understand for readers. Our AI essay checker and corrector will run a deep check of essay grammar and make sure that your content is flawless and conveys your message appropriately.


Punctuation Mistakes

Many writers overlook punctuation errors like missing periods or commas and find them common. But, punctuation marks can affect the meaning of a sentence and make it unattractive for the readers. The writing checker will scan the text to detect punctuation mistakes and help you correct these errors to improve your writing.


Words Repetition

Adding unnecessary words or repeating the words can damage its engagement and readability. The essay checker can enhance the effectiveness of your words. It will help you strengthen your arguments and ensure every word in the text leads you toward an understandable conclusion.


Inappropriate Capitalization

Capitalizing important words, even if they are not proper nouns, is a common approach many writers practice while crafting content. This approach often makes your essay look cluttered. An essay corrector can correct inappropriate capitalization and save your essay from being congested with capitalized text.

Benefits of Using our Free Paper Checker

Our paper checker greatly assists students in ensuring the quality of their written assignments. A few major benefits of using this free essay checker and corrector for students are discussed below.


Better Writing

Writing a quality and flawless essay requires extensive practice. Our paper writing checker offers great assistance to individuals who want to improve their writing skills. With this essay fixer, they can easily check for grammatical mistakes. It will allow them to overcome those deficiencies, improving their essay crafting skills.


Better Grades

Grammatical mistakes in your essay can affect your grade. The essay you submit to your teacher must be error-free to earn their appreciation. Therefore, running a paper check on your written text with our essay checker is essential to ensure its flawlessness to get better grades.


Improve Proofreading

Extensive proofreading will save you from submitting an essay with writing errors. But, it may take considerable time to examine your written text. The availability of our thesis checker comes in handy in such a situation. This online tool scans the written content and instantly identifies any misspellings or grammatical errors.


Enhance Communication

Spelling or grammar mistakes in your paper may affect its effectiveness. This will also raise questions about your writing capabilities. Therefore, checking essay grammar before sending it to your instructors or classmates will help you avoid any such embarrassment. With our thesis statement checker, you can quickly check if your text contains any writing errors and offer suggestions to rectify any grammar mistakes if found. This will help you convey your message appropriately and ultimately improve communication.

Features You Get with Duplichecker's Paper Checker

This paper checker assists you in creating highly engaging and flawless content.


Free Essay Checker

Unlike most online essay checkers, our web-based essay fixer doesn't require any premium subscription from its users to check essay grammar. You can check for grammatical and spelling mistakes in as many papers and articles as you desire without paying a single penny.


Accurate Suggestions

Worry about the quality of your written paper? Run an essay check to identify any typos, punctuation, or grammar mistakes in the essay. Moreover, our online essay checker provides accurate suggestions that support you in removing bugs from your essay and making it engaging and easily understandable for readers.


Multilingual Support

Our AI essay checker can identify grammar and spelling mistakes in various supported languages with full contextual support, suggestions, and corrections. Using this tool, you can check grammatical mistakes in essays written in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Portuguese, and Turkish.



Now, you don't need to proofread the entire essay or paper to identify any deficiency or mistake in the text. Our advanced thesis checker will perform this task on your behalf and instantly detect spelling or grammatical errors in your thesis. This will save you hours of hard work and provide reliable and quick results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Duplichecker's essay corrector gives users an opportunity to rectify mistakes in their written text easily. Simply enter the text on this essay checker. The utility will scan your text and highlight grammatical or spelling mistakes if found in it.

You can ensure the quality of your written text using our essay fixer. If your essay contains any errors, you can easily find them by running a quick grammar check.

No! The essay checker will not write the article or essay for you. By using the paper corrector, you can find out the mistakes in your essay or paper. The use of online essay corrections will improve the readability of written text to make it perfect for sharing with teachers or supervisors.

Yes! Our highly advanced essay corrector helps students and researchers improve the quality of their papers and essays. With this tool, they can easily find deficiencies in their text and remove them to make it easily understandable for the readers.

Yes, This paper checker will highlight any grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes in your written essay and correct them in a few seconds.

You can easily detect instances of plagiarism in any essay with the help of our advanced plagiarism detector. It analyzes your uploaded text, compares it to a database of published articles, and highlights any significant matches. This will help you ensure the uniqueness of your essay efficiently.

Duplichecker's AI content detector is a highly advanced tool that can detect if an essay is written by an AI model or human-written. It will scan your entered text, evaluate its genuineness, and display if it's generated by an AI tool or written by humans swiftly.

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