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Are you being watched?

When you are using the internet through a regular browser such as the Internet Explorer or say the Chrome then your usage is being tracked, as the IP address that has been assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is being used to identify you and track your locations. It could be hackers, companies or even the government who are keeping an eye on your browsing activity.

A web proxy is a proxy that is used for hiding the IP address when you are trying to access blocked websites. It is a kind of unblock proxy or proxy server that does not need to be installed and can be used by any web browser such as the likes of the Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox, etc. A free web proxy does not require any additional settings to function.

Some of the amazing things that web proxies can do include:

  • To hide the real IP address
  • To disguise your geographic location
  • To provide access to blocked websites

When you are connected to the web with a free web proxy, the “proxy server” plays the role of the “middleman” between you and all the blocked websites that you are trying to access. The proxy server can cache content and can hide your IP address. In short, a proxy let you visit the blocked websites anonymously through the proxy server, which hides the IP address and lets you unblock site and use it.

These are basically three levels of anonymous proxy:

  1. Elite level (Proxy master)

    The elite level provides full fledge anonymity. Also known as high anonymous proxies, they successfully dodge the proxy server into believing that you are using a real IP address and not a proxy IP. SOCKS proxy list offers the same level of anonymity but is classified as HTTP proxy list instead of the elite proxy list.

  2. Anonymous level (Anonymous Proxy)

    This level provides medium anonymity and hides your IP address from the proxy server making it impossible for anyone to establish a connection with your PC and possible for the user to do “anonymous internet surfing”, but the location cannot be identified.

  3. Transparent level

    The transparent level is the lowest level of anonymity of a web proxy. Also referred to as Grade 5 proxy it only hides the IP address from the websites that you are trying to access. This option is availed by users when they want to unblock sites and bypass firewalls.

A proxy list can be best explained as a compilation of links to different websites. Every individual link hosts a proxy service. You may have come across some free proxy sites at one time or the other. Appearance wise they resemble the search engines.

You will see them less on the proxy server lists owing to the advanced filtering systems of the internet censorship because of which the proxy sites are continuously being blocked. But that doesn’t mean that they are not working altogether. The ones that are working were initially blocked as they fell within the censorship areas so now they are being used more as a private proxy browser page rather than as a tool for dodging the censorship.

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Our service is very simple to use. Once you visit free proxy you will see the following box which will have the free proxy list.

free proxy content image

A filter as per your requirements, choose a free proxy and then manually configure your browser and connect. It’s a straightforward procedure which requires for the proxy user to load the home page of the web proxy. After they type the URL of the website that they want to view, the request is sent to the proxy server which in turn unblocks it for the user.

Our services are entirely free, and the users are not charged with any hidden fees. Filtered proxies, listed separately can also be downloaded.

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