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PDF locker, for Important Files, Protected With A Password September 4, 2019

Imagine a world where you can always protect your files. Your electronic mails to colleagues, contacts of customers, and other personal information all remained untouched and settled in your official files and folders. Doesn’t this sound satisfying?

If only this were the reality, unfortunately, your data is not secured unless you take proactive steps towards its protection. Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most utilized kind of file these days. Many people use this file format religiously to ensure the security of the critical documents.

Here’s good news for you, it is possible to put a password on your file. Yes, that’s true!

Today, when hacking is a usual activity, trusting the internet, is hard. You will be surprised and glad to know that even today tools like Lock PDF exist. I have been using a magical tool for quite a while now, and I would also recommend it to everyone out there. You only have to submit your document, enter the code, and no other person will be able to have access over your file, of course, unless you’ve shared the password with them.

Why You Should Put A Password of Your Data

Let’s look at the reasons when the need for securing the file occurs:

Protecting your data with a lock can help you in various ways. Whether you are going to use a Lock PDF tool for a business PDF file or a personal document, it always will keep you on a safer side.  Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why PDF or document security is vital for you and your business:

Unreliable employees

Every organization has at least one of the employees who can’t be trusted. This employee has become a part of your firm only to leak your strategies. You surely check the previous record while recruiting but never can be sure of his intentions. 

Using lock PDF tool to password protect your documents will provide you with much-needed security from untrustworthy employees. This will profoundly reduce the chances of your essential documents getting in the wrong hands. 

To preserve copyrights

Do you like a PDF file that has watermarks on it? No, it is the most common answer. Likewise, you also will not like to put a watermark on your work. The huge names over the text not only make your work terrible to look at but readers might face difficulties to read the text correctly.

Not every person is dependable, and you can’t be sure if he/she will replicate your idea or not. Watermarks are one way to ensure your file privacy but what if you don’t want that. What must you do to protect your copyrights without adding watermarks? Lock PDF can do wonders for you in this scenario. It can enable you to limit the number of people who can go through your work and chances of duplicating will drastically fall.

To ensure file remains unedited

The only way to keep the file in its original form and the data untouched is by setting a lock on it. How will you feel when you work hard on a document and later, someone overwrites your work?

Before exporting the PDF document, converting it into a locked PDF file will stop everyone from making unnecessary changes to it.

Effectively Secure Your File with Lock PDF

Getting a strong password is a tough job to do. To ensure you have chosen a strong password, you are always advised to use a non-dictionary word. Other than it, symbols and numbers are also encouraged.

Choosing a perfect tool which you can operate is never easy. When it comes to protecting documents, I must say you should use the Lock PDF tool. The thing which most of us worry about is our privacy; it also is the reason why we are putting a password. Most tools delete the data on their database as soon as the document gets encrypted.

Another reason behind using a lock PDF tool is that when we protect our file through it, no one can hack the password. The data gets locked in such a way that the cracking password becomes pretty hard.

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