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PDF to Docx conversion doesn’t ask you to follow any complex procedures. The simple steps given below can be followed to convert PDF to Docx.

  1. Upload the PDF file you wish to convert.
  2. Press the “Convert to Docx” button.
  3. Click the Download button to save your converted Docx file.

With so many available options for PDF to Docx converter online, you might be wondering about what’s so special in this tool.

Let’s put an end to this query!

Here are some exceptional features of this pdf converter to Docx that make it stand out.

100% Free

There are no hidden charges associated with the usage of our PDF to Docx. It will remain 100% free no matter how many conversions you make.

Quality Conversion

When you see a free tool, the first question that might pop into your mind could be about the quality of the results. You don’t need to have such a worry while using this PDF to Docx converter, as it ensures top-notch conversion.

Fast and Reliable

Our fast and reliable PDF to DOCX converter uses advanced algorithms to convert your files quickly and accurately, ensuring that all of your text, formatting, and images are preserved.

Additionally, this reliable converter can handle even the most complex PDF files, including those with multiple pages, tables, and images.


You don’t need to take guidance or get the assistance of a professional to convert PDF to Docx. With an intuitive interface and clear instructions, anyone can convert their PDF files to DOCX format with just a few clicks.

No Installation Required

Our PDF to Docx doesn’t ask you to install software or an extension to run it. You can simply access this tool over the web and make your required conversions on the go.

Compatible with All Browsers

You won’t face compatibility issues while using this online PDF to Docx converter. Whether you’re using Safari, Opera, Edge, Chrome, or Firefox, you can easily access and use this tool, as it is compatible with all browsers.

Here are some applications of PDF to Docx to help you better understand its usage.


The businesses have to prepare documents in different departments, such as finance, marketing, sales, etc.

They often store these files in PDF format, but when it comes to modifying information or making some additions, it becomes essential for them to make PDF to Docx conversion. This conversion allows them to make PDFs editable in Word format.


In the education sector, the institutes ask students to submit their assignments in PDF format. After making submissions, they are required to make changes as per the comments of their instructors.

To make changes in submitted PDFs, students can edit their files through PDF to Docx . Once they have converted their files, they can easily address the changes that instructors are willing to see.


While creating legal subpoenas, the attorneys and other legal professionals are required to add PDF files that contain evidence, proof, the verdict of judges, or relevant data.

To make this process easy, they can use the PDF to Docx converter and easily add the required information to their subpoenas.


The healthcare departments store the record of their patients in PDF format. Several times, they need to add up instructions from doctors about patients to update their records.

If you’re asked to carry out such a task, you don’t have to create each record from scratch. The PDF to Docx can be a suitable option to execute this task efficiently.

Can I Convert Images from PDFs as Well?

Yes! If your PDF files contain images, you can convert them into Docx format. This tool can convert your images from PDF to Docx without hurting their quality.

How Long Does It Take to Convert PDF to Docx?

The PDF converter to Docx doesn’t take much time to process the conversion request. You can get your hands on top-notch results with this online tool in a matter of seconds.

Will My Converted Word Document Be Secure?

Yes! Your Word document converted from PDF will be 100% safe and secure on DupliChecker. This web portal handles users’ data with utmost confidentiality; hence, you’ll never have to compromise your data’s privacy with its PDF to Docx converter.

Can I Use PDF to Docx on Smartphone?

Yes! You can use PDF to Docx online on any kind of device. From a Mac to Linux and smartphone, any device can access this tool to convert PDF to Docx.