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Joining PDF files has become very easy with the PDF joiner available on DupliChecker. Just follow the simple instructions to join PDF files.

  • Drag & Drop the files you wish to join PDF online.
  • Hit the “Join PDF” button to initiate the process.
  • Now click the Download button and save the joined PDF file on your device.

PDF is a popular format used all around the globe. Many people prefer this format due to its universal nature. Sometimes, you need to join PDFs together, requiring an online PDF joiner. This utility is helpful in various situations, some of which are discussed below.

Organizing Documents

You can easily organize your documents with our PDF Joiner online. Our tool allows you to join multiple PDF files into one unified document, making it convenient to access your information. Simplify the organization of your documents by joining PDF files online through Duplichecker’s advanced utility.

Efficient Searching

Joining a PDF with multiple documents enables efficient searching within the entire file. With our PDF Joiner, you can enhance productivity by efficiently searching your joined documents. Instead of finding individual searches in each file, you can join PDFs online to integrate your documents and streamline your search process.

Smarter Printing

While printing documents, it's important to keep pages in the right order. By joining the pdf documents chances of errors will be reduced while printing. If a page gets misplaced, it can mess up all your work. The PDF join online facility offered by Duplichecker ensures that the pages are in the correct order.

Sharing Data with Ease

It becomes easier to share data when you join PDF files online. Instead of sending individual files, you can easily share a joined PDF file that contains all the required information. It will save time and effort while sharing data and ensure it is easily accessible to anyone.

Our PDF joiner is highly famous among users because it offers many useful features. Some of its special features include the following:

Free PDF Joiner

You don’t have to worry about any charges when using this PDF joiner for free. This free PDF joiner lets you join PDFs online without paying a single penny. You can use it as many times as you want, and it will always be free for you to use.

No Installation

You don't need to go through the trouble of installing any software or plugin to use this PDF joiner. The PDF join facility can be accessed through any web browser by simply connecting your device to a stable internet connection.

Super Speed

The super-fast algorithms of our PDF joiner won’t let you wait for a long time. It will process your request to join PDF in a few seconds. Once the files are joined, you'll see the result on your screen. It's quick and easy!

100% Safe

You don’t have to worry about the privacy of the uploaded files on this utility. The tool takes your privacy seriously and doesn't share your PDFs with anyone. When you join PDF online, the files will be automatically removed from the database.

Preserve Original Formatting

When you join PDFs together with an online tool, you might worry about the formatting of your files. This PDF join facility won’t let you face this issue, as it uses advanced techniques to keep the original format of your files. Your files will look just the way you want them to.

Preview PDF Files

After processing the request to join PDF files online, the PDF joiner doesn’t directly transfer the results to your device. It allows you to preview the joined PDF files before downloading them to your device.

Join PDF on Multiple Devices

You don't need a special device to use this PDF joiner. It works well with all types of operating systems. It makes it convenient for users to join PDF online from anywhere, at any time. Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or Mac, you can easily access this utility to join PDF from any device.

How Many Files Can I Join with this PDF Joiner?

You can join up to 20 files in a single PDF with this PDF online joiner. You can upload multiple PDFs without any restrictions. Whether you need to join two PDF files or twenty, the online PDF joiner won’t ask you about file uploading limitations.

Are There Any File Size Limitations for Joining PDF Files?

You can join PDFs online with a maximum file size of 20 MB.

Does this Tool Allow You to Join Different File Formats?

No! You can only join files in PDF format with this PDF joiner. If your files are in a different format, like Word, then you can use Word to PDF converter. After getting the desired format, you can use the online PDF joiner to join PDF.

How to Join Two PDF Files on Mac?

Mac users can access the PDF joiner through the default browser on their devices. Once the tool is accessed, you can upload the PDF files you wish to join. Just click the button, and you'll have the joined PDF file.