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How to Merge PDF Files?

Merging PDF files becomes a simple executable task with our PDF file merger. Follow the straightforward set of instructions and merge PDF effortlessly.

  • Upload the PDFs you desire to merge by pressing the Upload button. You can also fetch files from your cloud storage like DropBox or Drive.
  • Reorder the sequence of PDFs if needed.
  • Press the Merge PDF button to start the process.
  • Save the merged PDF by clicking on the Download button.

Why Should I Merge PDFs?

Pdf merging in a single file saves you from various complications and makes things easier.

Below are a few significant advantages of merging PDF files.

Simplifies Document Management

Organizing a large number of PDF files is an uphill task. Moreover, the chances of losing crucial data are also higher in this approach. By merging multiple PDFs in a single file, you can quickly reduce the number of files.

Pdf merge will support you in keeping your data intact. You can also find out any desired information quickly from a single file compared to exploring it from multiple PDFs, which may require you to open every single PDF and check for desired text.

Streamlines Document Sharing

Sharing your PDFs separately will consume ample time and internet usage. This is also an unprofessional approach. Alternatively, adding multiple PDFs in a single file using PDF merger will allow you to streamline your document-sharing process.

Using this approach, you can share your PDFs quickly. Also, the chances of missing any PDF file will be controlled.

Saves Time and Effort

Looking for a particular piece of text, but do you need to remember the PDF where it exists?

You may have to open all PDFs individually to find that particular text. However, this situation can easily be countered by merging PDF files into a single PDF using merge PDF online.

By PDF merging, you can find any information quickly using the Search feature. This will save your the time and effort you may have to locate any textual content.

Enhances Document Safety

PDF files are widely used to store confidential information. You should remember the location of any particular PDF on your device, especially if many PDFs are stored. The problem becomes more severe if you require to share that PDF urgently.

To save yourself from such a miserable situation, merge PDF files. It will help you reduce the chances of data loss and also aid you in managing your device’s storage.

Key Features of online PDF merger

Duplichecker’s PDF file merger is a top-notch utility that allows you to turn multiple PDFs to a single file without compromising their quality. The other unique features of this PDF page merger make it better than all other online tools. A few Features are shared below.

User-Friendly Interface

This merged PDF initiative, and friendly interface allows students, teachers, or newbies to add multiple PDFs in a single file without observing any complexities. Also, the clear instructions and easily understandable layout make this tool a perfect way to merge PDFs for everyone.

Preserves the Formatting and Layout

Retaining the quality and formatting of the PDFs is the most significant fear people have in their minds while merging them.

The algorithms ensure the PDFs' layout and formatting remain undisturbed, and you get the same quality resultant file as the original ones.

Quick and Efficient Merging

Unlike other PDF merging tools, our PDF online merger is based on highly advanced algorithms that process your inputs quickly and give you the best quality merging results in a matter of seconds.

Preserves Document Order

Want the content in the same order in the merged PDF in which you are uploading?

Our online file merger can preserve the same document order in which you add the PDFs. This feature makes this tool a real help for students and researchers who need to ensure the smooth flow of information in their documents.

Works for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Another incredible feature of merge PDF is its ability to work on all operating systems exquisitely.

Yes, you don’t have to install any particular operating system to merge PDF. Our PDF merger can easily be accessed on any operating system, like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

No Limitation

Do you want a tool that allows you to merge PDF without applying any limitations? Our tool is the best option to merge PDF free and without limitations.

Preview Function

Only download the resultant file once you ensure it meets your requirement. This merge PDF preview function allows you to check for the output without downloading it. Once you find the resultant file is as per your needs, simply click Download to fetch it on your device.


Our responsibility is to protect your uploaded file from hackers or any unauthorized access. The advanced algorithms working at this merge PDF's can easily control any intrusion.

We guarantee that all your uploaded and downloaded PDFs will never be disclosed to anyone. Moreover, the uploads and downloads will be erased from our servers once you get the merged PDF file.

Work in Any Web Browser

Whether you are using Chrome, Firefox, Bing, or any other web browser, you can easily access our merge PDF by pasting its URL in the search bar. This online PDF merger supports all web browsers.


Can I Merge PDFs On My Mobile Device?

Yes! The merge PDF tool is compatible with all devices, including laptops, smartphones, and personal computers. You can quickly merge PDFs from your mobile device by following the steps.

  • Upload PDFs.
  • Click on the merge button.
  • Download merged PDFs

By using the steps, you can easily pdf merge online!

How to Merge PDF Files On Mac?

  • Upload the PDFs you desire to merge into one file.
  • Reorder the sequence if required.
  • Press the Merge PDF button.
  • Get the merged PDF by clicking on the Download button.

Will Merging PDFs Affect the Quality or Resolution of the Original Files?

Not at all! The advanced algorithms of this merge PDF ensure no damage will occur to the quality or formatting of the original files, and you get the same layout in the merged file.

Is It Possible to Merge Password-Protected or Encrypted PDFs?

We at Duplichecker make sure that any individual’s privacy shouldn’t be breached in any case. Therefore, we don’t allow you to merge password-protected PDFs using our tool. However, you can unlock the encrypted PDFs with our PDF unlock tool and then merge it with this utility easily.

Can I Rearrange the Pages Within the Merged PDF Document?

Yes! Our merge PDF allows you to rearrange the pages within the merged PDF according to your preference using editing options shared on it.

In What Order Will My Merged PDF Files Appear?

The pages in the merged PDF will be in the same order in which you upload your PDFs on our tool. You can also rearrange the pages later using editing options per your needs.

How to Reduce the File Size of the Merged Files?

Duplichecker offers a free PDF size reducer to its users. You can use this tool to shrink the size of the merged PDF without losing its quality or disturbing formatting. Simply paste the merged PDF on the reduce PDF tool, and the utility will compress it and provide you with a small-size file in no time.