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Reasons to use the Lock PDF Tool August 29, 2019

The majority of people want to keep their PDF documents secure from editing and printing. For this purpose, they use the Lock PDF. It is the tool that can save your documents from getting copied. While the reasons to lock the PDF files can be different as the reasons to create it, there are two important causes for locking a PDF document.

  1. To control the access of everyone to the document
  2. To stop making changes in the PDF documents

It is vital if business documents or other emails are confidential. In some cases, people do not want any alteration. This is the reason they want to lock the PDF document. You can secure the document to protect from copying, editing, printing, and others. This restriction can save your document form getting copied or used for any other purposes. This is a beneficial tool for your business PDF documents.

Copyright Protection

Shielding the data in the documents from copyright infringement is the primary cause for which you can select to lock the PDF files. Locking the files for this purpose involves including password protection to secure unauthorized users from printing and to copy the documents.

It prevents your documents from getting copied. Copyright law in all the countries of the world is, but it is not possible to track that someone has copied your content. On the other hand, it is a time-consuming task to find someone using your content or misusing your documents.

Content Integrity

Do you want to protect the integrity of your document? You need it definitely if you have commented on the documents or you need to approve a particular version of the document before exporting it as a PDF document.

Locking your PDF document is a safe and secure way to prevent it from editing. If you have fixed form in the files for others to fill out, then you need content integrity. It may be altered deliberately or accidentally by others. This can be a loss of your effort.

Digital Signature

Adding digital signatures to the PDF files can lock it from editing. You can personally secure the document. This is good for those who want to design the contract or other business documents that do not need to be modified after you get its approval of its current version.

Producing a digital signature is a two-step procedure. You can make a digital ID in the first step. In the second step, you can sign the PDF document using your encryption certificate or ID. It produces digital fingerprints on the documents. It will guide you if anyone has altered the PDF documents.

Limiting Access

Locking PDF files with the password can be utilized to secure unauthorized people from reading or opening the documents. If the documents have data that is confidential, then you can use the password to make the access of the people limited to the documents. You can confidently protect your document.

Why do you need to use PDF password protection?

When you are going to protect your PDF document, then there is no other choice better than the PDF Lock tool (particularly of Small SEO Tools). It allows you to lock PDF online when you are going to create a file through PDF software. For your confidential and sensitive information, it helps you to include an extra shield of protection to the document. The procedure contributes to saving publishing and PDF rights. The password cracking tools are not successful to crack the strong passwords of the PDF lock.

There are many ways to create an unbreakable password for making your job easier and keeping your stuff safe. Making a password with rhymes or movie songs is the way to arrange the letters and numbers in a string. It is easier to remember the password, but it does not suitable for locking a PDF document.

This is the reason the use of PDF Lock is a great idea. You can set a strong password with different letters and numbers, and make your file a secure one.

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