Speech to Text

With speech to text, a user can convert any audio file or voice note into textual content quickly. Simply upload the audio file and get it converted into text.

Use your microphone to record audio

You can convert the audio file into textual format by following the simple steps shared below.

  • Upload the audio file you want to convert into text. You can also enter the voice note using the mic option of your device.
  • The speech to text converter will process your audio and convert it into text.
  • You can download the text file on your smartphone or computer by pressing the Download button.

Real-time Speech Recognition

The algorithms provided by Duplichecker on this tool are highly advanced and can recognize any voice within a few seconds. This voice to text converter enables you to get real-time speech recognition without any hassle.

Instant Transcripts

Now, you don’t need to listen to the entire audio and write all its content yourself. The availability of this tool provides you with the fastest conversion of speech to text online at an instant speed.

Pre Record Audio Support

Have a taped audio file and want to convert it into a textual file? No worries! Try this online voice to text converter and turn your audio file into written text instantly. The pre-record audio support is a great help that allows you to save your time and efforts from extracting text yourself.

Easy Copy & Download

For the users, saving the text file on their device is not complex at all. You can copy or download the text file on your device straightaway. No convoluted process is attached with the saving of the text file after getting it from our facility.

Emerging Technology

Voice to text online is a modern facility that saves you from the hassle of writing the text of an audio file. Now, a few taps or clicks on your device will enable you to voice transcription into text within a matter of a few seconds.

Accuracy Up to The Mark

The accuracy of the text is the most critical element, and if a voice to text converter fails in providing a correct transcription of audio, then it would be of no use. The online speech to text converter by DupliChecker provides you with guaranteed accuracy with zero margins of error.

Multilingual Voice Typing

The speech to text is an advanced facility that allows multilingual support. The utility supports many other languages besides English, like French, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, etc. You can convert the voice notes of these languages into a textual file within a few seconds.

Various fields and sectors are benefitting from voice to text online technology in order to perform specific tasks effectively. A few major uses of voice recognition is shared below:

Individuals with learning disabilities often find it difficult to listen to an audio clip appropriately. However, converting a piece of audio into a textual file will help them overcome the issue and understand the information more effectively. Furthermore, sound to text is a great assistance for the students who find it hard to understand the lectures adequately. Many people who are not good listeners find it challenging to perceive the information properly. Speech to text is an excellent tool for them to translate voice to text and makes content easy to retain.

People who have literacy issues and those trying to learn another language often get frustrated trying to browse the internet because so much text is confusing. Many people have difficulty reading fluently in a second language even though they may be able to read content with a basic understanding. STT technology allows them to understand the information in a way that makes content easier to retain.

Moreover, adding free audio to text converter online on your website will be a great add-on that will help you increase the accessibility of your content and get the maximum audience. People who are native to another language can easily transcribe audio to text and get familiar with the content.

Speech to text is an extremely useful technique that helps students, teachers, bloggers, website owners, and many other people from various fields in completing their assignments. The other primary features of sound to text technology are:

  • Easy to create content
  • A simple way to explain an idea/thought
  • Fast document creation
  • Save time from retrieving text from audio manually
  • Assist in wasting hours of writing content after listening to voice notes
  • Produce content in less than half the time it takes to type
  • Advanced way of dictation
  • Fewer chances of errors - offers a fast and flawless way of documentation
  • Support all devices including Mac, Android, Computers, Tablets, etc.

There might be numerous problems arise like:

  • Your current browser doesn’t support or perform speech recognition properly. However, the latest version of web browsers, especially chrome, performs speech typing exquisitely.
  • You might be having some hardware problem prominently with the microphone; ensure that your microphone is working properly.
  • Microphone access permission isn’t granted. Change your device setting and allow the microphone to access your device.

You can also contact us if you have any queries regarding any issues or suggestions.

How to Use Speech to Text?

Upload the audio file, or record audio through the mic. The tool will process your input and give you the resultant file.

How to Enable Mic for Speech to Text?

While using this online speech to text converter, you will see a mic option on the screen. Once you click this button, a pop-up will appear asking for permission to enable the microphone. Grant permission and use the mic to record audio swiftly.

Is Speech to Text Compatible with All Operating Systems?

Yes! Our speech to text converter is a web-based facility that supports all operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Android, etc. You can convert audio to text from any device and web browser instantly.

How to Get the Transcription of an Audio File?

Our online speech to text is the perfect utility available over the web that can be used to get the transcription of an audio file. This online facility can convert the audio into an editable text file within a few seconds.

Is this Speech to Text Free to Use?

We are presenting you is an entirely free to use facility that doesn’t require any premium subscription. With this online talk to text converter, you can convert unlimited audio files into text without any cost.

Do We Need to Get Registered to Use This Online Tool?

No! Unlike many other online tools, we won’t ask its users to make an account on our website for using its free service. You can convert audio to text free without giving any personal information.