Fake Name Generator

Try the fake name generator and create names for characters, authors, or babies. You can generate a number of random names for anyone. Additionally, this random name generator can be utilized for testing purposes.

How Many?

The online utility is easy to use and generates fake names swiftly. You can generate a list of random names by following the easy steps shared below.

  • Enter the country for which you want the names.
  • Select the gender in the given field.
  • Enter the number of names you need in the next field.
  • After giving all the inputs, press the Generate button.
  • Random names will appear on your screen.

A fake name generator can help you create an array of names for both genders with a few clicks on your device. Using a fake name generated by DupliChecker can help you avoid various fraudulent activities and manage different professional tasks. The primary reasons to use random names are discussed below:


Giving a nickname to someone is great fun. The online name generator can be a helping hand in finding the nicknames of your friends or your children easily. You don't have to make any efforts to search for the names yourself, as this tool generates random names quite easily.

For Account Creation

Many websites ask you to make an account or share your name to use their services. However, giving personal information to anyone, especially a suspicious website, can be risky. Therefore, using a random name instead of the real one can be a better choice that can help you avoid any scam or fraud.

Online Activity

If you want to separate their personal life from internet life, the most suitable way is to use a fake name for online activities. Whether you are using social media, playing online games, or running a blog, you can use a fake name generator to hide your real identity.

Fictional Character

Writers, authors, bloggers often need names for their fictional characters to attract listeners. The random name generator will help them find the perfect names for their fictional characters.

Suitable Names According to Countries

Every country has some famous names. In addition, there are a few names that are disliked by people in a particular country. Therefore, it is essential to pick the most appreciated and suitable names. This online random name generator allows you to generate a fake names list according to multiple countries with a few clicks on your device.

Names According to Genders

While testing your web-based applications or e-commerce sites, you may require the names of both genders. Furthermore, the tool you choose for getting the random names must provide you with the best names. Our online fake name generator allows you to create a list of male and female names within a few seconds as per your preference.

Names According to Multiple Languages

Need names in various languages? Don't fret out! The online name generator is an advanced online utility that helps you generate names in various languages. Simply choose the language in which you want these random names, and that's all. The facility will process your input and give you reliable results.

Do you want a fake names list for application testing? Then, you are at the right place. Our online names generator allows you to instantly create a list of random names. You only need to enter the number of names you want to generate on our tool. As a result, the fake name generator will process your instruction and give you desired results shortly.

Get Rid of Dummy Names

You might have seen the words Lorem Ipsum while browsing the web. These words are widely used to indicate that the text is a dummy. However, the advancement in tech and huge competition in the web market makes it essential for web owners to avoid these words in their content. Web users are interested in reading the real names or text instead of dummy names and appreciate the sites that have such genuine text. Furthermore, designers and developers have also started using real names instead of Lorem Ipsum in their work to give it a professional look. The use of a random name generator is a great help for professional coders, writers, and designers in getting real names that can be used in their text fields. Adding the names generated will save you from annoying your readers, clients, and supervisors.

In the conventional methods, designers and developers often used Lorem Ipsum to fill the text fields instead of writing the actual text. However, they had to face various complications afterward, especially when they forgot to replace dummy text with the actual one, which created severe problems for the clients. Nevertheless, the advent of a fake name generator has enabled them to come up with unlimited names.

Uplifts the Results of Applications Testing

With the advancement in modern utilities and online platforms, adding interactive features to your application or website is essential to get the best results. Adding interactive features like content gates in your work will help your clients engage a maximum audience and enhance their skills. Furthermore, it may give an idea to the clients that you have done testing of the product adequately. That's why you must include random names instead of Lorem Ipsum.

Doesn't Demand Any Manual Efforts

The online fake name generator is an advanced facility that doesn't ask its users to make any efforts to generate names for genders. Instead, you can easily create a list of random names. Whether you are a programmer, designer, author, or blogger, the online utility is equally beneficial for you and aids you in creating an array of famous and genuine names for various countries and languages within a few seconds. Moreover, you won't have to go through any signup or installation procedure to use this free online random name generator.

Furthermore, the utility is entirely free to use and doesn't demand its users to make any premium registration. Simply select the country for which you want to generate the country, choose the gender and then enter the number of names you want to generate, and that's all; you will get the required output in a flash of seconds on your device's screen.