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Inch is a measurement of the unit that measures length. This unit is part of both United States customary and British imperial systems of measurement. Around 1066, an inch was defined as the length of three barleycorns. In the 1930’s document “Metric Units in Engineering: Going SI,” the British Standards institute elaborated an inch as 25.4 mm. The ASA (American Standards Association) adopted the exact value of inch in March 1933.


Inch is abbreviated as (in), and the symbol used to describe a value in inches is an apostrophe (“).

Current Use:

Currently, the most common usage of inches around us is for measuring display screens of smart devices. Smartphones, LEDs, Laptops, Macs, etc., are measured in inches. In Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States, inch is a commonly used measure of length.

Definition :

Centimeters can be best defined as the unit of length in the metric system. A centimeter is equivalent to 0.01 meter, as one meter contains 100 cm. The best way to depict a centimeter is by taking the approximation of the width of an average adult person’s fingernail.


The centimeter is the combination of two words, centi and meter; it’s abbreviated as Cm. Same as its abbreviation, the symbol of centimeters is also Cm.

Current Use:

The most common usage of centimeters can be seen to measure small objects. Notebooks, pencils, bottles, and other small accessories.The lengths on a ruler used by students to make measurements are given in two metrics: centimeters and inches. Cm is also widely used for measuring capacitance.

1 cm of capacitance = 1.113x10-12 Farads

An inch contains 2.54 centimeters, and to convert inches to cm , you can merely multiply the inch value by 2.54. However, The results of conversion inch cm may vary on the decimal values.

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The manual method of converting inches to cms involves the usage of the following formula.

Centimeters = value in Inches X 2.54.

For instance, the measurement of a screen is 10 inches, and you wish to know its length in centimeters. By using the given formula, you can convert inches to cm.

Centimeters = 10 X 2.54

= 25.4 cm

The following table will be helpful to convert in to cm.

1 inch to cm 2.54
10 inches to cm 25.4
20 inches to cm 50.8
30 inches to cm 76.2
40 inches to cm 101.6
50 inches to cm 127
60 inches to cm 152.4
70 inches to cm 177.8
80 inches to cm 203.2
90 inches to cm 228.6
100 inches to cm 254