Mm to Inches

(Quick and Easy Mm to Inch Conversion)


The millimeter is the part of length units in the metric system. The millimeter is defined as the one-thousandth value of a meter. When it comes to defining the SI base unit of a length, it’s expressed as the distance of light travelled in vacuum during the time interval of 1/299 792 458 of a second.


The millimeter is abbreviated as mm. The symbol used to represent values in millimeters also goes with its abbreviation, mm.

Current Use:

The smallest measurements are made in millimeters. Calipers are digital devices that are mostly used in the measurement of millimeters. The paper sheets are measured in mm, and their measurement is usually around 0.07 and 0.18. This unit is also used in microwaves to measure its wavelengths.


Inch is widely used in the measurement of length, and most notably, it is an SI unit used in the UK, Canada, and the US. The explicit definition of inch first came out around 1066, and it was referred to as the length of three barleycorns. There was some difference between the values of the British and American inches. However, ASA adopted the same inch value 25.4mm in March 1933.


The symbol used to represent an inch value is the apostrophe ( ' ) , and this unit of length is abbreviated as in.

Current Use:

Smartphones, LEDs, and other digital devices’ manufacturers use inches to measure their size. The people involved in bodybuilding also use this unit for measuring body parts’ growth.

One millimeter is around 0.0393701 inches, or in reverse, it can be said that 1 inch is equal to 25.4 mm.

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The formula to convert mm to inches is as follows:

Inch = Millimeter /25.4

For instance, if you wish to convert 20 millimeter to inches, then;

Inch = 20/25.4

Inch = 0.787402

Mm to Inches Conversion Table:

The following Table will be helpful in millimeters to inches conversion.

1 mm to inches 0.0393701
10 mm to inches 0.393701
20 mm to inches 0.787402
30 mm to inches 1.1811
40 mm to inches 1.5748
50 mm to inches 1.9685
60 mm to inches 2.3622
70 mm to inches 2.75591
80 mm to inches 3.14961
90 mm to inches 3.54331
100 mm to inches 3.93701