Miles to KM

(Quick and Easy Miles to Km Conversion)


Mile is a unit of length that is equal to 1760 yards or 1 .6 kilometers. This is a widely used unit to calculate the distance between two points.


A mile is a unit of linear measure equal to 5280 feet or approximately 1 .609 km used all over the globe for measuring distance. Mile is usually represented with mi, or sometimes with m only.

Current Use:

In many countries like the United States or the United Kingdom, people use miles to find the distance from one point to another. The companies that make roads and bridges use this unit of measurement to evaluate the distance between two points.

Kilometer (km)


A kilometer is another unit of measurement that consists of 1000 meters or 0 .62 miles and is often used to calculate the distance between different points.


There are two significant ways to represent kilometers; km or ki. However, km is mostly used for displaying a distance in kilometers. You will add “s” with km if the length is plural and has a value bigger than 1.

Current Use:

A kilometer is a metric unit that is often used to find the distance from one place to another. It is widely used in mobile applications to track walk runs. A kilometer is an official unit of denoting geographical distance in most countries.

1 mile = 1 .6093 km

Miles and kilometers, both units, are used to measure the distance between two geographical points.

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Here are the Miles to km conversion formula:

Miles to km = 5(miles) × 1.6

Miles (mi) To Kilometers (Km) Conversion Table

The following table will be helpful for all those who wish to convert miles to km without going through any hassle.

1 mile to km 1 .6093
10 miles to km 16 .0934
20 miles to km 32 .1869
30 miles to km 48 .2803
40 miles to km 64 .3738
50 miles to km 80 .4672
60 miles to km 96 .5606
70 miles to km 112 .6541
80 miles to km 128 .7475
90 miles to km 144 .8410
100 miles to km 160 .9344
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